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Can most of this game be double boxed?

Dylan XBA
Dylan XBA
Posted on 16 July 17 at 20:45
Hey guy's I'm thinking of starting this game soon. From what I understand the online is completely dead. Can most of it be double boxed with a dummy acccount?

What can and can't be done?

Posted on 16 July 17 at 22:18
Most of it can be, campaign needs 4 to start, ranked badges need full/near full lobbies and some of the challenges like gooser are far easier with a 3rd or 4th person. Frontier defense is alot easier with 3 or 4 aswell.

I would be willing to do the campaign portion if you are interested.
Posted on 18 July 17 at 01:14
I've been double boxing it on and off again for about a year. It's not that easy to do. Stuff like Pilot Hunt is easy enough. But the campaign stuff, ranked and a few others are a pain. Refuge can be tough if randoms jump in and the ones for getting kills while things are active. Stuff like:

TitanfallCold DesertThe Cold Desert achievement in Titanfall worth 65 pointsKill 10 Pilots while Active Radar Pulse is active on Sandtrap

TitanfallOverkillThe Overkill achievement in Titanfall worth 107 pointsKill 15 titans while you have a Titan Burncard active on Haven
Looking to boost any MP achievements I don't have for any game I own.
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