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Does Firecraker Have Any Value?

Posted on 17 July 17 at 15:00
You know, other than as a material card. With only 6 Attack and HP, it doesn't seem to be any other use unless I am missing something.
Posted on 17 July 17 at 15:42, Edited on 17 July 17 at 15:52 by MemoriesOfFinal
graveyard fodder? something to laugh at?

um.. no. no value.

Edit: 6 attack, 6 hp, 6 cooldown, because numbers. Of course that doesn't work once people start upgrading it. I look forward to someone's 11 shuffle Firecracker
Posted on 17 July 17 at 15:50
Worthless enhancement material like most other 1, 2, and 3 star cards.

Maybe a low levels it has some kind of value as a kamikaze of some sort, but nothing other than that.
Posted on 18 July 17 at 16:46
OK. That's pretty much what I thought, but I did wonder if there was some out-of-proportion benefit to enhancing that I wasn't seeing. It seems like even if you somehow got one of those IMMEDIATELY as your first new card as a Day 1 player it still would be useless.
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