Game Discussion: Blue Rider

Extremely hard game ?

  • Sol76Sol76932,264
    Posted on 19 July 17 at 11:09
    As it is a very cheap "Deals with gold" game this week I was interested. But Looking at the unlocked story / boss achievements only a handfull of players completed the story. Is this game that hard , boring or is there something else just wrong with it?
  • Inatimate1Inatimate1522,249
    Posted on 19 July 17 at 12:25
    I'm going to be getting this over the weekend but my guess is that the few people that have played it didn't really enjoy it too much as is sometimes the case with games like this and only a handful of players.

    I've read a couple of reviews that say that the levels can take up to half an hour and if you lose a life on the boss battle then you have to start right back at the beginning of the level, I'm sure after a couple of playthroughs in each level though it would be a bit of a breeze to get to the end it's just a matter of having that patience to stick with it.
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,518,524
    Posted on 12 August 17 at 11:51
    There's no guide for the speedrun achievement so u have to find all the shortcuts and everything by Urself
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