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Telltale's Summer Update Reveals New Seasons For Three Titles

  • Stevo6483Stevo6483203,297
    Posted on 21 July 17 at 09:53Permalink
    Solario32 said:
    loco alien 505 said:
    Now all they need to do is a second season for Game of Thrones.
    It is bound to happen.
    Just hope they sort out the engine problems. Last 2 episodes of the first game were close to unplayable for me, and many others. Really spoiled my experience. Enjoyed it otherwise.
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
  • Pvt RainPvt Rain311,179
    Posted on 21 July 17 at 13:09Permalink
    Batman i'm eh for I enjoyed the first one but the studding and such from the game engine took away from it so I hope that's being worked on but overall i'll play it and will most likely enjoy it.

    Wolf Among Us 2 has me hyped as story wise it was the most fun for me to play next to the first Walking Dead Telltale.

    The last season of the Walking Dead is leave it or take it with me at this point I play them because i'm a little invested and the achievements are easy lol.
  • Posted on 21 July 17 at 16:14Permalink
    SO excited for The Wolf Among Us and Batman! - Easily the best series they've produced imo. TWAU is long overdue clap
  • pT FaZe TKpT FaZe TK78,987
    Posted on 21 July 17 at 22:07Permalink
    Now we just need a new Tales from the Borderlands game...
  • PukeyPukey317,912
    Posted on 22 July 17 at 01:15Permalink
    Always happy to see more Telltale games tbh, I find them all so chilled. Will definitely be getting these sooner or later, especially The Wolf Among Us :)
  • Posted on 22 July 17 at 13:17Permalink
    Finally a new wolf among us. Could've done without a new Batman though , first one was quite boring tbh.
  • Posted on 15 August 17 at 01:05Permalink
    NightHawk673 said:
    MH The Rockstar said:
    Jasecw2 said:
    Will likely get them all at some point. Wolf Among Us is the best can't wait. I'm glad they are ending Walking Dead New Frontier was disappointing Clem was barely in it and they killed Kenny
    Thanks for adding a spoiler tag... facepalm
    Kenny was S2 not in frontier
    I haven't played Frontier yet, but Kenny died in my TWD season 2.
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