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Ranking The Modern Telltale Games Library

  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 01:53Permalink
    Game of Thrones was soooooooo boring! But I really enjoyed all of the others, I feel like this is a pretty accurate ranking.
  • quiettime3quiettime3390,932
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 02:08, Edited on 24 July 17 at 02:09 by quiettime3Permalink
    I'm not personally a fan of TWAU, but I can see why people love it so much. It's a great story but the tone of it just isn't my thing. My personal favourite is Tales from the Borderlands, which I absolutely adore the atmosphere of, but I do still have a special place for Walking Dead Season 1. Nearly turned it off after 10 minutes because I'm a total scaredy cat with horror-ish games and wasn't sure, but I'm so glad I carried on because it ended up being one of my favourite games of the year.
  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 02:55Permalink
    From a guy who still isn't so sure about this whole point n click kinda "game", I've grown to respect the TellTale works. Game of Thrones had a lot to do with it. TWD S1 was interesting, specially the finale and I'm enjoying TfBL so far.
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  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 03:30Permalink
    I chose TFTB over TWAU for one reason, "Back to the Top" at the beginning of episode 4. I listened to it twice afterwards. The wife was not pleased.
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  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 03:53Permalink
    The Wolf Among Us was my favorite. Had no expectations going in and it blew me away
  • Jay InsomniakJay Insomniak1,155,224
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 05:35Permalink
    The Walking Dead and it's nine sequels are all pretty much the same. What's there to rate?
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  • Gloss666Gloss666410,743
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 08:22Permalink
    Ive only played the three (well two to completion i still have to finish Wolf among us) that have been on GWG but i have really enjoyed them. i want to play Batman and borderlands but i think i will wait till they are in a sale.
  • Clever JakeClever Jake483,129
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 08:59Permalink
    The Wolf Among Us, followed closely by Tales From the Borderlands, those 2 sit miles above the rest.
  • bigfatwalletbigfatwallet373,735
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 09:37Permalink
    Yough one. I really liked GoT, Walking Dead and Borderlands.

    Not tried batman and couldn't get into wolf.
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483194,445
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 10:00, Edited on 24 July 17 at 10:19 by Stevo6483Permalink
    TWD1 for me - was the first one I played and had some incredible moments, especially that tear-jerker of an ending.

    Recently went back through TWD1 & 2 and noticed how much poorer the sequel was in comparison. I didn't like the fact that most of the gameplay where you walk around interacting with your environment and solve puzzles had been removed in favour of just pressing buttons between cutscenes. The characters weren't as good either, although the ending I got was emotionally pretty close to the ending of the first.

    Thrones was decent in parts (boring in others) but the performance issues ruined the last 2 (and best) episodes. Not interested in Minecraft, and might play Batman & Borderlands if they go GWG. I bean dived Wolf, so I'm looking forward to going through it soon.

    Noodles Jr said:
    Also a lot of people really didn't like the Jurassic Park game, but I loved it, and I'm no Jurassic Park fan (only movie I've seen was the Chris Pratt one, and I hated it).
    That's because Jurassic World was a terrible movie that was so overhyped. You need to see the original - such a great movie. Even the second one (The Lost World) was better than the Chris Pratt one.
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  • JBS 80JBS 80549,271
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 10:18Permalink
    I generally agree with the rankings and most of the comments here.
    I've only played Episode One of Tales from the Borderlands, due to not having been a fan of the source material when it came out, but I rated it up there as top tier with TWD:S1 & TWAU.

    I thought maybe the Telltale games were maybe getting a bit stale when GoT came out (although I felt that series improved as the episodes progressed), but TftB pleasantly surprised me. When I get through my backlog I'll definitely pick that back up.
  • Goggs25Goggs251,151,168
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 10:42Permalink
    none they are all crap
  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 10:55, Edited on 24 July 17 at 10:56 by Legohead 1977Permalink
    Not a fan of this type of game, the choices are often nothing like the decisions I would make and I have a hard time warming to most of the characters.

    My experience is not sufficiently in depth to mean much as I have only done TWD twice, and then the first episodes of GoT, TWD2, Michonne, Tales and TWAU.

    I really didn't like TWD and I am a massive fan of the show, I think it's because when I'm playing a game I want to be restricted by my own lack of reasoning or personal skill/dexterity not by choosing a path from three equally appalling choices, only to find the one I eventually settle on results in a response nothing like the dialogue seemed to suggest.

    So far GoT seems too wordy, and I like the show, but am not a massive fan, so I may have trouble linking it in to the show in my head...which is probably the best part.

    Michonne has already annoyed me numerous times, as has everybody in TWD2...maybe the games are geared more towards comic fans? They just make such terrible choices, which is fine when I am watching them do it, just not when I'm forced to participate in the stupidity.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Tales seems amusing enough so far, the first BL game got a bit tedious, but I am working through BL2 with friends, so I am enjoying the world quite a bit. I will be genuinely impressed if it turns out to be funnier than Battleblock Theater though...my personal funniest game so far.

    Lastly we come to TWAU, which so far seems far more interesting than the other games, we shall see if the decisions remain consistently good enough, but I quite like the link in to the story world, reminds me of Once Upon a Time and Lost Girl to differing extents.
    Legohead 1977
  • J4M35J4M3599,297
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 11:13Permalink
    TWAU was my favourite. I'm so happy they're making another!
  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 11:50, Edited on 24 July 17 at 11:51 by I8ITackyticsI8IPermalink
    Walking Dead S1
    Walking Dead S2

    That's how I'd rate the ones I've played from best to worst. Not including Minecraft because I never finished it. All have been really good so far except Walking Dead Season 2 which was still good but missed the mark slightly.
  • halohogghalohogg95,611
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 11:52Permalink
    Wow - six pages of comments in 24 hrs. I have to watch more Telltale stories, obviously.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 24 July 17 at 12:51Permalink
    Loved playing The Wolf Among Us, probably TellTale's best overall episodic game. Got some laughs and enjoyed the darker themes.

    Walking Dead season 1's story was great but the next 2 were simply tedious at best. Most of the characters were morons and it pissed me off that they'd survived as long as they had when smarter and better characters were killed off.

    Hated the characters in the Borderlands game, personalities seemed far too exaggerated and childish for me to get immersed into the story.

    Batman is simply one of the worst characters ever created and the episodes only solidified my opinion on the character.

    And Minecraft was about as interesting as watching paint dry.
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  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 12:59Permalink
    Tales from the Borderlands is the best one!!!

    Caaaaaatch aaaa riiiiideeeeeeee!!!
  • Posted on 24 July 17 at 13:27Permalink
    It's really hard for me to choose between The Walking Dead S1 and The Wolf Among Us. They are both are great stories.

    I ended up going with The Walking Dead just because of the ending. I was actually somewhat disappointed in the game at first because I had played through the first 4 chapters and then my save disappeared when I went to start chapter 5. It had been awhile since I played the previous chapters so I decided to go back and replay and make different decisions at times to see how it changed. I was still under the impression that Telltale games would have drastic changes depending on your choices, and this showed me that it was not the case. I think I ended up with a different character alive this time, but sadly, they had all the same dialogue and animations as the other character I could've chose to save. I was pretty disappointed that the game was more an illusion of choice, rather than meaningful choice.

    However, the ending of the game was so powerful I forgot all about my issues, and I wouldn't have had the issues in the first place if I wouldn't have played through twice (even though it's the games fault for deleting my save).

    I really loved the world of The Wolf Among Us too though, and it is probably the only Telltale game I'd play at this point. I played Game of Thrones and the engine's age is showing. It was so clunky and ugly, and even though the story was alright, I just couldn't get past the technical issues. Hopefully they'll fix this by the time TWAU S2 comes out.
  • XellizXelliz201,186
    Posted on 24 July 17 at 14:04Permalink
    Definitely prefer Wolf Among Us over all the others. Tales from the Borderlands is a good 2nd for me.
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