Game Discussion: Madden NFL 13

Do you need servers for connected careers?

  • Posted on 29 July 17 at 02:13Permalink
    I have all the achievements for MUT and vs. But do i need a server connection for all the " connected careers" achievements?
  • MitRialbMitRialb421,677
    Posted on 29 July 17 at 03:13Permalink
    While I can't speak on personal experience, they all seem to be flagged on TA as "Online/Offline" which tells me you should be ok
  • Posted on 29 July 17 at 04:02Permalink
    You can always just disconnect from the internet and try it.
  • Posted on 10 October 17 at 02:19Permalink
    Has anyone tested this offline? Don't want to start it if it is not possible.
  • BionicLyonBionicLyon150,080
    Posted on 26 October 17 at 18:06Permalink
    Nope...Just play offline connected career.
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