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Crimson Drifter
Posted on 21 October 08 at 08:12
If anyone needs help for this game, send me a message or post in this thread. I've beat the original playstation version as well as the XBLA game numerous times, and know this game like the back of my hand.

Ask any questions and I'll help you in any way possible.
Posted on 07 October 14 at 10:21
Hi there

I had many questions on sotn and bumped into this forum recently.
as you mentioned above here are some of my initial questions :)

firstly I want show my present game status to you . I have some png files (total size 4.5 megs) on that. can I attach the files here ( or can I send it to you via email maybe?)

once my game status is clear maybe I can fire more specific questions to you and you can give more objective answers
my mail is :

let me know if this will work
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