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Restarting the game: Reset challenges?

Posted on 03 August 17 at 18:26
If I were to start a new game, would this influence the progress I made in the challenges? I've been doing this game too hard and now all things like convoys are gone and enemies are few and far between. I mean, I'm hardcore enough to try it but I'd rather not.
Posted on 16 July 18 at 06:38
I was stuck on 6/15 for stick it to ya and found a way to get to 10/15 in half an hour, and that's mainly because some jumped at me and missed or landed on windshield. Fast travel to gutgashes stronghold at night, just north there is a convoy route, go to the nearest point of the convoy route (on a corner with windmills in the distance). wait and every so often one will come along, Destroy the vehicle that isn't the one you want and then side ram or tbone the boarder vehicle. They jump on and die. Go back to waiting at that corner. I got 4 kills in half an hour and I was thinking of restarting.

If there are burning wrecks about when waiting travel back to gutgashes, turn around and come back, they should disappear, I felt this would increase my chances of an encounter, not sure if it actually did or not.

After this I just need rattling your dags.
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