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Assassins Creed Ezio collection keeps crashing

VA TeamCaptain
Posted on 05 August 17 at 07:04, Edited on 05 August 17 at 07:14 by VA TeamCaptain
I downloaded a digital copy of the Ezio collection and I finished Assasssins creed 2 and brotherhood 100% without really any difficulty other then a few minor glitches. I am on Revolations now and whenever I am in a fight and I press LB to call my assassin allies to aid me the game will crash about 3-5 seconds later and I will have to restart the game. I actually confirmed this after testing it 3 times. I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it and it is still happening. Is there anyway I can fix this or am I screwed? It kinda bugs me since this is a digital copy of the game. Earlier today I was calling my assassin recruits several times with no issues but since then the game just breaks itself each time I press that LB button.
Pedle Zelnip
Pedle Zelnip
Posted on 10 December 17 at 02:45
I'm not having this problem there, but I'm doing a courier mission in AC2 that has now crashed 6 times in a row. :(
Posted on 20 December 17 at 16:47
Revelations makes my X turn itself off. The game would freeze at random times then it would go to dashboard then the console would turn itself off. Happened four times now.
Posted on 27 January 18 at 04:41
Same thing is happening to me as well with the game freezing at ransom points, but I can still pull up the Xbox guide. If i close the game, the console will turn itself off a moment later. Xbox one X user, and I have many other games, with no issues like this. Really think this is somehow related to the Revelations part of this collection, as I've breezed through the other 2 games with almost no issues, maybe a few dashboard crashes in brotherhood but that's it.
Pedle Zelnip
Pedle Zelnip
Posted on 12 February 18 at 18:08
Revelations started crashing frequently on me. Sometimes I get a good hour in, sometimes it's literally loading the game and it freezes & bombs to the dashboard.
Posted on 21 February 18 at 11:02
Same here.

AC2: zero crashes, got all 1000 GS

ACB: same as above

ACR: Five or six crashes within a few gameplay hours, always the same behavior:

Picture freezes, sound keeps playing. When I quit the game to dashboard, the Xbox One X will shut itself down but the controller keeps blinking. Even when I pull the battery from the controller and reinsert it, it won't turn on the console! I have to power on at the console.

Very frustrating. Is this happening to you guys on a regular console, an S or an X as in my case?
Posted on 01 March 18 at 18:18
As above on one x
Invade Portland
Posted on 02 March 18 at 14:55
I can also agree that Revelations is the one with major issues. I, too, have an X so im not sure if it’s an X problem or just a problem with Revelations more specifically across all consoles. The most fustrating part I found was in the southern part of the map by the docks enclosed by walls. Whenever I would try to leave through the most right exit(when facing North), and immediately turn left after the gate the game would freeze and shut off my console. I tried it 5 times.
CODess Jodie
CODess Jodie
Posted on 10 April 18 at 08:41
It’s definitely not an X problem as I’m playing on the S :/ what’s odd is when I downloaded revelations from games with gold it froze a lot too and now I’m playing it through the digital Ezio collection it’s TILL doing it, it must be the game itself. Mine freezes/crashes with a glitching sound then goes back to the desktop & I can’t figure out what causes it! It’s especially annoying when I’ve just done something major or slightly difficult but it doesn’t save before the glitch as it restarts the mission :(
Posted on 29 August 18 at 13:36
Mine does it too with calling in assassins and bombs, sometimes it will reboot my console. I have day one xbox one, and digital copy of game.
Obsolete XBA
Obsolete XBA
Posted on 01 September 18 at 15:54
I have the physical copy and Revelations is hopeless to play, it crashes and shuts of my One X every hour or so
Sionof the dead
Posted on 09 January 19 at 16:47
Unbelievable that this hasn't been patched yet. I'm having the issue with Revelations where it causes my X to shut down as well. I don't recall having this issue with Revelations on the 360 although to be honest it was long enough ago that I'd have forgotten by now anyway.
Posted on 13 January 19 at 22:12
Same. Here. it just started happening today. i am in about sequence 3... first two sequences were fine. it happens to me when i purchase a market stall. game picture freezes. audio keeps going. Quit out. relaunch, X1X shuts OFF. not reboot. OFF.

this blows.

anyone here's game get better with time?
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