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Offline Achievements

  • Posted on 07 August 17 at 03:39, Edited on 09 August 17 at 02:41 by WolfOfBadenochPermalink

    Whatever you do, don't complete conditions that would unlock achievements for Everspace whilst offline!

    The achievements do not unlock once you've went back onto Xbox Live. Even doing a profile delete / recovery doesn't force an update.

    I've logged this as a bug on the developer's website.
    Tap Tap, move on!
  • Twinkling82Twinkling82155,448
    Posted on 08 August 17 at 19:54Permalink
    I don't think any Xbox One achievements unlocks if you're offline, though they should pop when logging into live again, so not sure whats up with that.
    Looking for writers for PM me for more information.
  • cptObbescptObbes732,263
    Posted on 09 August 17 at 05:33, Edited on 10 August 17 at 13:49 by cptObbesPermalink
    Edit 2017-08-10
    Resetting the game with the option in the game menu and deleting all saves solved the problem for me. After meeting the requirements again my final achievement unlocked.


    Happened to me too. Can't unlock "No Time To Die".
    First time I beat it in <1h I had connection issues to Xbox Live and since then the achievement won't unlock even after several more runs < 1h. Tried the ingame function "Reset Game" and currently working on getting the scout with some perks to try again. Hope this will unlock the achievement :(
  • SultryPenguinSultryPenguin1,123,344
    Posted on 22 October 17 at 23:04, Edited on 07 December 17 at 22:04 by SultryPenguinPermalink
    Edit: After update 1.2, achievements which requirements were previously met unlock before starting a new run.

    Word of caution:
    Unlocking two or more achievements at the same time will only unlock one and make the others unobtainable (until the game is reset and the requirements are met again).

    I found confirmation that the devs are aware of the issue after it happened to me:
    I can however confirm that there is a problem when unlocking an achievement in the game while being offline (no connection to xbox live) or receiving more than one achievement at the same time
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