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Can you boost trial of power

Posted on 08 August 17 at 22:44
With fifa 18 coming up i wanna get my last fifa 17 achievment trial of power, i sold my whole team and it left me with 220k is there any way to use this money to boost the tournament? I'm not gonna bother playing with scripting etc etc, also the gameplay feels MUCH different in drafts..
Ian 1485
Ian 1485
Posted on 10 August 17 at 20:10
In short, I think you can with enough people willing to help each other out.

In long, this all depends on whether people put in the time (and potential money) needed for this. I to open am looking to do this and have 60k in coins. I don't intend to do this legit having already spent a token and 60k in coins last weekend and never getting more than 2 wins. I see that quite a few people want to boost this game but that depends on what achievements they are looking to get.
Yellows OUFC
Yellows OUFC
Posted on 29 August 17 at 12:39, Edited on 01 September 17 at 23:01 by Yellows OUFC
As you know Ian I'm looking to get this out of the way. Looks boostable according to the guide. I'm keen on boosting it before FIFA 18 comes out.

Edit: I have Sunday sessions up. Have a dummy, a Mic and allow your Xbox to share gold.
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