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Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 Review

  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic455,304
    Posted on 12 August 17 at 13:20Permalink
    I feel like it's hard to mess this style of game up. Give me some choices, some false dilemmas, and a little bit of lore and I'm happy. Shut up a take my money.
  • Sol76Sol76724,031
    Posted on 05 September 18 at 15:26Permalink
    Playing through it now but not overly impressed by the story. At the end of episode 3 i’ve had more drama than 15 complete years of soap opera’s. Although you have many choises , I never felt they made a difference because for some reason everything twists and turns and turns out to be the worst scenario. One example : question , Do you like me ? Possible answers : A) Kick him in the nits with left foot , B) Kick him in the nuts with right foot C) hit him in the nuts with low uppercut D) hug him ..... chosing D somehow backfires and gives you the worst outcome of all 4 answers. therefore everybody seems to be mad or disappointed with me. No matter What answer I pick the outcome always feels like the worst possible scenario.
    The action and QTE parts are well done but storywise it feels like you are destined to be in a Bucket of crap and whatever you do .... you WILL end up in a Bucket of crap no matter What your answers are.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,149,025
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 22:17Permalink
    This game was truly a glaring example of how the players choices didn't make a difference. Well scripted story - well worth watching, but having to pick up the controller to press a button after a few minutes for the random cn_A or cn_X, was pointless. Not impressed at all, and a perfect reason why... telltale is on its deathbed.
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