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Thief deck tips

Obscure Paulie
Posted on 12 August 17 at 00:16
Hey, just wondering if anyone has any tips on what are good cards to use against lvl 95 thieves?

I'm just wondering is there are any cards that dominate thief battles? I'm currently taking about 8 battles to defeat 1 thief :( Wanting that final card to get the 5* from this event :)

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Current deck:

Bellona - lvl 10
Artemis - lvl 10
Aranyani * 2 - lvl 10
Dream Whisper - lvl 10
Phoenix - lvl 15
Meteor Mage * 2 - lvl 16 + 20
Tiamat - lvl 10
Arch mage - lvl 10

I know my deck isn't the best or anywhere near it but I've not had the best rng for getting cards on the game :p
Posted on 12 August 17 at 02:35, Edited on 13 August 17 at 11:06 by MemoriesOfFinal
considering you have 2 Meteor Mages, you're doing okay. Especially if you can pick up some cards from this current event (I'm sure I'll be saying that from now till the distant future).

I'm from the old days where a full deck of Frost Treants + Thundershield does a good job in clearing thieves relatively easy. Swap in other Ice Shield cards and you'll do even better. If you're willing to spend some gold, it's worth upgrading Frost Treants to lv 15 + skill shuffling to get regen 5. (one with blizzard does well too). After that, if you have a level 10+ Valkyrie Martyr/Doom Diviner/Rhea/Forest Dragon etc, they may be worth using too.

There's quite a lot of people that use their main deck to one shot thieves, but I dont regret my decision in the slightest.

Long story short, Thief cards have way too much hp and dmg; you just have to mitigate the damage output and it becomes simple.
Obscure Paulie
Posted on 12 August 17 at 10:19
Thanks a lot for the advice/tips currently putting them to good use :)
Flame Haze SnS
Posted on 12 August 17 at 23:05
5 Frost Treants
2 Dark Punishers
2 Naiad
1 Rain Summoner


Ray Prison
Spring Breeze

Took me 2-3 battles to beat a Thief. On rare occasions, it one-shot Thief. Of course, they all has to be evolved and upgraded to the max.
Posted on 14 August 17 at 03:53
Go with anything with Ice Shield if low level or if you have Dark Punishers they are gods against thieves.
Posted on 17 August 17 at 07:36
Ive been using monkey king(to recycle cards), 2 forrest dragom, santa, 2 easter bunny, 2 doon diviner, and 2 roaring rageblood(both half the atk of csrds so 2k atk becomes 500 when both are out). Usually 1-2 hit wins. Rarely it takes 3, legendary thieves are about 4 to 5 standard
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