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My Goals Leaderboard tracking issue

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Posted on 14 August 17 at 02:54
The Goal I have set is getting to the 100th spot on the Australian Leaderboards, However, The Goal has stopped updating at the 804th while I know by checking the actual board that I am down at the 745th position. (I would have added images though I didn't see the option)
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Posted on 14 August 17 at 05:33
That number doesn't update.....that's your start point
Posted on 14 August 17 at 09:14, Edited on 14 August 17 at 09:39 by TrueAchievement
Thanks, having a look at this now.

EDIT: OK, I see the issue isn't with the progress updating, it's actually that it's not obvious on the panel what your current score is.

I'll make a change to include the current value on the goal panel.
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Posted on 15 August 17 at 00:56
@ChinDocta thanks for the reality smack. I feel really bad now taking that time out of your day thanks for the help.
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