Game Discussion: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Important question

  • Se7enn SinsSe7enn Sins340,972
    Posted on 22 August 17 at 15:45Permalink
    Is this game dead or are people bad at summoning for extra help? I leave my sign at the beginning of every area or near the boss and wait for 30 minutes and get nothing
  • Posted on 22 August 17 at 23:25Permalink
    Chances are it's pretty dead at this point. With Dark Souls 3 having been out a while most players will have moved to that. The original Dark Souls seems to still have a larger base of hardcore players as long as you don't mind a ton of hackers. For some reason DS2 seemed to be the game people liked least, add in that this is a remaster, even those who do enjoy and still play it are split between two consoles. All in all your chances of finding random players in DS2 are pretty slim these days. On the bright side, if you have a friend to play with it should be far easier to summon a specific person now.
  • Posted on 29 August 17 at 23:55Permalink
    I've been summoned like 7 times you just have to pick the right bosses. Also there is a soul summon limit so if your under or over leveled for an area chances are slim you will get summoned. I see people online all the time. Completed DS1 recently and I can say there is more people playing this version than DS1
  • Se7enn SinsSe7enn Sins340,972
    Posted on 30 August 17 at 00:45Permalink
    I'm at blue smelter demon,soul memory is 162. First playthrough
  • Vr EnglishVr English656,768
    Posted on 13 November 17 at 11:54Permalink
    If you look around the warp points on each map when you sit at a bonfire, if there is an orange outline around the area it shows that you can be summoned or summon people in your range in that area.

    Sadly it is pretty dead though it seems but I have had some luck with finding people.
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