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Destiny 2 TrueAchievements Clan

Phil the Bear
Phil the Bear
Posted on 28 September 18 at 17:16
I’ve just thrown my hat in for the second clan.

Not played since the Osiris DLC so all my characters are 340 power, so I’ve got a bit to do to get back to raiding and nightfall’s.
Posted on 10 October 18 at 14:24
Sent a join request for myself HWNDarkside and my son Lasthunter4114 for the 2nd clan :-)

I'm online most evenings so if any clan members want to work on any of the activities please send me a message on xboxlive ;-)
Posted on 03 November 18 at 04:44
I guess all of the admins for the Secondary TrueAchievements Clan are too busy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, to accept my join clan request
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