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Bleepside Lake - can't access map bug

FloriDUH JBot
FloriDUH JBot
Posted on 26 August 17 at 11:25
Well, I was trying to power through and finish this game despite generally not enjoying it all that much. Reached the 3rd and final area of the game and hit a game breaking bug. I received the Bleepside Lake map but now can no longer access it. All of my level progress is exactly as it should be ... except pressing the map button on the controller does nothing. Tried to reload the game, replay the opening level where you get the map ... still nothing. No way I am starting over at this point. And this game is already a pain in the ass to navigate, so I'm not even attempting to do the entire 3rd area flying blind. Oh well, guess I'm deleting this game and moving on to something new.
Posted on 26 August 17 at 15:50
It's really not a very hard area to navigate laugh
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