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World 2 tips?

  • ditisemditisem349,432
    Posted on 27 August 17 at 18:57Permalink
    Anyone has any tips on world 2? I've been trying for 6 hours. I ALWAYS die at either 2-5 or 2-6. I get there with 6 lives and within seconds they're gone lmao. I saw that the completion time was 8-10 hours but i'm spending that time on world 2 alone! Should i upgrade stuff first? Idk man
  • AwooAwoo1,565,268
    Posted on 27 August 17 at 21:32Permalink
    Just use the walkthrough, as long as you take your time there's nothing remotely difficult.
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    Posted on 27 August 17 at 21:56Permalink
    Yeah Awoo is right, the walkthrough is ACES! One of the best ones I've ever seen! laugh But all jokes aside, yeah upgrading will always help you and you'll have to grind a bit anyways for
    Bard's Gold50000 !!The 50000 !! achievement in Bard's Gold worth 204 pointsCollect total of 50000 Gems
    so you might as well just keep upgrading and eventually you'll get enough to make it through. The walkthrough helps with how to order your upgrades effectively / smartly as well.
  • ditisemditisem349,432
    Posted on 28 August 17 at 19:37Permalink
    Managed to get it first try today. Let's hope the other worlds are easier. Also what walkthrough are you guys talking about? I coulnd't find anything.
    Posted on 29 August 17 at 03:25Permalink
    Great to hear! The other worlds are easier. I even mentioned that in the walkthrough that this was the hardest world by far in my opinion! laugh Great minds think alike eh? I think it is largely due to all the projectile based enemies and the spike blocks.

    As for the walkthrough. Every game on TrueAchievements has their own game hub / page. When you get to the game's page at the top will be a walkthrough tab. A large majority will have walkthroughs either published or in progress. Some do not. Clicking on the tab will take you to the walkthrough or inform you that one has not been made yet.

    Here's the link to this game's walkthrough:

    Bard's Gold Walkthrough
  • ditisemditisem349,432
    Posted on 29 August 17 at 12:01Permalink
    Damn dude, you made this? Mirin
    Posted on 30 August 17 at 03:00Permalink
    smile Thank you sir / madam! I tend to go a bit overboard on games I enjoy. Sadly it's not even my most proud of walkthrough (although it was a big ego boost to receive a personal email from the developer telling me he was so impressed with the walkthrough that he felt like he was looking at his own game design documents and then proceeded to give me 10 free copies of the game to give in a sweeps) dance

    This one i'm the most proud of:

    Unepic Walkthrough

    But sadly it's a much much longer time sink of a game for completion and next to no one will ever check it out cry
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