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raid mode partner

achievet hunt3r
Posted on 31 August 17 at 03:27
I need an experienced partner for raid mode, you must have a mic and speak english because we need to communicate. We can set a time. Message me on xbox live : achievet hunt3r
Achievet hunt3r
Chaos Mythology
Chaos Mythology
Posted on 01 September 17 at 19:46
Same I'm too looking for players so inv me if you need someone
The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy...
Posted on 04 September 17 at 18:08
Looking for a Raid partner just shoot me a message
GT: Nappydugout
Chad Wilburn
Chad Wilburn
Posted on 05 September 17 at 18:51
Looking for a partner as well. Hit me up

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 September 17 at 17:25, Edited on 09 September 17 at 15:31 by
I also need a partner.

I am level 50, sometimes I grinding some BP for dmg/ammo capacity boost for my weapon, yet I can't finish Ghost Ship/ Chaos, especially to defeat Shadow Norman. Msg me via TA/xbl if you are Lv. 50 and want to do this.

Edit: I finished Ghost Ship/Ghost Ship Chaos so there's no need to ask me.
Posted on 16 September 17 at 19:03
Hi, I needs help for ghost chaos and get lvl 50, too. I'm looking for someone have 50 level and help me, too. I need get it. Please, help me. Hit me up. Thanks! :)
Posted on 18 September 17 at 12:18
I want to start farming some good parts from Ghost Ship.I'm level 50 and I can hold my own, but I need a good partner to assist me :D

I'm mostly online invite me whenever you want, no mic.

(No achievement hunters) laugh
Nok HK
Nok HK
Posted on 01 April 18 at 13:20
Does anyone still work in Raid Mode?
GT: Nok HK
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