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Dark Souls Discussion - Spoiler Free

Information Posted on 01 September 17 at 14:41, Edited on 01 September 17 at 14:49 by N0T PENNYS B0AT
Welcome back to another TA Playlist month. Use this thread to ask questions about Dark Souls, report in as you make your way through the game for the first time, and otherwise keep it all spoiler-free in here.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 15:15
I'm looking forward to starting this again. Pretty sure I Bean Dived this back in 2013, unlocked a few achievements then stopped, unlocked another in 2014 for some random TA event and stopped again. About time I gave this a proper shot.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 15:42, Edited on 03 October 17 at 18:27 by BruceWayne1008
I have nothing but negative expectations for Dark Souls. I don’t want to suffer. I’ve played bloodborne. Isn’t that enough for you guys laugh?

On a serious note, I have yet to play Dark Souls (at work at the moment) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed here. I’m praying that I’m actually decent at the the game. With that being said, If a rage and break a controller, who do I foot the bill to? headspin
Cylon 118
Cylon 118
Posted on 01 September 17 at 15:53
It is definitely a rage inducing game if you go in with the wrong attitude but what you need to remember is you are going to die quite a lot and that the feeling you get when you beat the bit you were stuck on is amazing. Plus practice enough and those hard bits begin to feel much easier as you learn and you can beat them way quicker or first time on another play through.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 15:59
What ive seen of it in videos it looks like a rather tough month
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FFX Brotherhood
Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:16
Remember that this game wants you to show you're determined. It wants you to take it slow and steady, learn how things work, don't be afraid to die, every death can be valuable lesson to teach you something. Learn those boss patterns until you feel comfortable dodging. Good luck to everyone and I really hope you all manage to find some enjoyment from this game. smile
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:23
With the playlist game being a RPG, I'm out for this month, but I'm curious to see what discussion will emerge from it.
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:33
I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours of this amazing game and I hope that many people experience it for the first time this month and come to enjoy it. In my opinion, it's the best game on the Xbox platform.

There's a pretty brutal learning curve and the game does anything but hold your hand. You're expected to explore and discover on your own. Completely blind attempt at this game would be pretty tough. Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources out there to give you some help. The site walk-through is fantastic. And the wikidot wiki is great, as well.

I put together a video to give a brief introduction to players who have never played the game before. It was tough for me to do because there's so much information I want to present but I wanted to keep it concise. I probably ended up rambling longer than I should have. It ended up being over 30 minutes and touches on a lot of the basics that I think are important for newer players to know. Maybe it'll help somebody out:

Alf Ganikiller
Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:45
Is the game as good as people say? If so I may borrow it and give it a shot.
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:59
Hmm, not for me i don't think. But for those whose boat it floats, have fun with it
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:03
Sorry I posted this in the other forum but maybe the actual Playlist discussion is a better place:

I've only ever played a bit of Demon's Souls back on PS3, and I was ultimately defeated by that one... so I'm still on the fence about starting Dark Souls especially since I'd have to buy it for this event.

My question would be regarding the "expect to die" "death is not failure" line of thought. Is there a point where that doesn't ring true, and that death is really counter-productive to your eventual success? Because I'm absolutely going to die more than most. If I can eventually get through with sheer persistence and only moderate increase in skill, then that's good... but do I run the risk of dying my way into a 'point of no return' where all further progress is unobtainable?

I'm not looking for a spoiler, I just thought I'd read long ago that one of these games had a mechanic that your deaths "taught you things" but at the same time made enemies stronger. If that's the case, I'd lay money on enemy difficulty outpacing my ability to learn!
is that Hydro
is that Hydro
Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:10
There is no way I could play this game lol. I've tried several times & just cant get into it. Little disappointed it got picked smile - Can anyone give me some pointers or tricks to make this game half interesting to me?
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Stealth David
Stealth David
Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:13
This game is to hard for me I will stick to VN more my skill level
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:22
And so it begins. I'm hoping I like it more than I expect to, but there's a reason I've avoided this game and series for so long.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:44
People are in for one hell of a ride! Good luck!
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:49
I'd love to try this but I'm almost 100% positive I won't have the patience for this. I'll probably get way to frustrated :P
CIutch Corey
CIutch Corey
Posted on 01 September 17 at 17:50
Posted on 01 September 17 at 18:03
So is anyone else behind on their TA Playlist games due to the sheer number of games they own? laugh
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Posted on 01 September 17 at 18:08
I don't ever expect to be able to finish this game, but I do look forward to trying it. Good luck everyone jumping into the game this month.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 18:26
Well, this'll be my first time joining in. I had quit Dark Souls after beating Anor Londo but not being able to beat spoiler. I'm trying it again this time using the guide. So far it's been going rather well, the guide won't make you go to areas that are overpowered like I'd make myself do. It is focused on achievements and doesn't include dlc though. If you're going to do dlc don't kill sif when the guide says to. I guess the one thing I've learned so far is that if you're having trouble with an area try a different area first
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