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Multiplayer Boosting

Shop Local Dave
Posted on 26 June 19 at 19:04
Just incase anyone was unaware.

All multiplayer achievements can now be obtained with two players and with just two controllers each. I finished off mine using two Xbox's. The social matchmaking has a 2v2 playlist now. It takes a little longer but less effort is involved than coordinating a large party.
Posted on 03 July 19 at 23:27
Have 2 CONTROLLERS. GT is FightingSmile64. In AUS, need half of them but willingly to help either way
Posted on 04 September 19 at 10:30
Have 4 controllers. Plenty of mp cheevos that I need as never really bothered with mp.

Will try that social 2v2 suggested above as didn't know about that one
Posted on 13 September 19 at 13:46
looking for a partner to boost multiplayer achievements for medals like grenade kills & splatters... looking to try The social matchmaking 2v2 playlist method.. just message me
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