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Pre-Order Outfits?

Posted on 04 September 17 at 07:56
So I pre-ordered this game when I finished the original LiS.
I knew the Pre-Order Outfits are probably just a set of new skin.
But when I can first change Chloe's clothes, there's only one option and can't even change the clothes I "obtained " in the very beginning of the game..
Just wanna make sure if I missed anything or really no way to change the clothes?

P.S. only replayed in collection mode for collectables. Dont wanna start a new save to try if the DLC works or not before I finished the game.
Posted on 04 September 17 at 15:02
The part where you can choose your clothes has more options if you move the right thumbstick to look around. The DLC outfits should be to the left of the default choice.

You might have to restart the story to change it though, I'm not sure.
Kyuubi Alpha
Kyuubi Alpha
Posted on 05 September 17 at 10:43
I am going to make a big assumption here but I think that you might be able to change clothes once a episode when you are in your room. But that is just a huge guess at this time
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