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Anyone have this problem?

  • Posted on 04 September 17 at 18:27, Edited on 04 September 17 at 18:30 by MUFFINTAST1CPermalink

    I can see in the recent achievements people are managing to unlock this:

    TwitchAround The ClockThe Around The Clock achievement in Twitch worth 0 pointsWatch at least 1 minute of live video on Twitch, in every hour of the day.

    Yet I've followed the solutions and still stuck at 95% in my progress. I've been trying for months to get this but nothing works so I can only assume my version of Twitch is buggy even after multiple reinstalls.

    Do you have to begin the stream from 12am to 11:59pm just for that 5% gain? Could someone please explain why nothing I do will work to get this poxy 0g?
  • lightsup55lightsup55285,418
    Posted on 25 September 17 at 16:11, Edited on 25 September 17 at 16:13 by lightsup55Permalink
    If you have problems with the Twitch app, follow these instructions to fix (includes uninstalling, re-install, resetting your stream key, and even re-linking your Xbox Live account):
    roubleshooting Xbox One Broadcasting

    After that, you might want to try doing what I did and load up any stream, with cn_guide, go to the Settings Cog icon -> Settings -> Time. Change the time zone to the next zone down the list and press cn_B. Now press cn_B again to return to the Twitch app. The stream will resume play.

    Use a stopwatch (or stopwatch app on your phone) to count exactly 1 minute.

    After 1 minute, go back into the Xbox One's settings to change the time zone again. Change the time zone to another zone and return to Twitch again. The stream will resume play.

    Rinse and repeat for every time zone around the world. Takes about 30 minutes.

    Here is the full list of time zones (don't worry about the country/countries in parentheses):
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