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Xbox One Sale Roundup: September 5th, 2017

  • Posted on 06 September 17 at 13:17
    xPut Name Herex said:
    ThreeHaddock62 said:
    halohogg said:
    Why would anyone want a $ comparison to either Game Pass or EA access?
    They are trying to show you what a good deal it is. That's why when you look in the store, the games show as Free (with whatever). Heck, even on this site, the games sometimes show as Free, even if that's only the game pass price.

    Example- Mad Max shows as "Free" on it's home page here, but it's only free if you have the game pass. If you follow the link to, it's 19.99.

    Mad Max Achievements
    It could also just be a glitch, which I believe it is.
    Kind of. I think MS puts out the price as free, because they want to advertise the Game Pass- it shows both prices in the store when you look on the dashboard on This site pulls their prices directly from MS, and it seems we are pulling the free price. It's not an isolated thing.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm452,044
    Posted on 06 September 17 at 15:19
    ThreeHaddock62 said:
    Allgorhythm said:
    ThreeHaddock62 said:
    It's a 0% discount because it's comparing the sale price to the price to the game via Game Pass, which is free. If you don't have game pass, and want to buy the game to's on sale....75% off in the case of Unravel.
    That makes sense.
    Actually, to clarify...Games like DMC that you listed above are free w/ game pass, hence 0% off...Unravel's price is compared to EA Access. Same concept, lol.
    I checked DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition at the XBox store after I saw @ThreeHaddock62' post. It said:

    $29.99 $9.90
    save $20.00 - 6 days remaining
    $0.00 with Xbox Game Pass

    So, although I had originally thought a mistake had been made, I can now see the reason for the 0% off.
  • Posted on 06 September 17 at 18:38
    When it's a game in Game Pass perhaps it ought to be tagged as such (ideally with the discounted price and discount percentage operating as one would normally expect)? That said, I don't know what data you receive from MS and how the backend deals with that data, so it may not be easy to do.

    Likewise I was trying to remember the name of a free puzzle game the other day and I discovered that when looking at the 'Latest Products' list there is no tag for Game Pass/EA Access - just lots of games showing as Free (eg Dirt 4, Titanfall 2 etc).

    To be able to tell which content is 'real' free content and which requires a paid subscription to be able to play it for 'free', without Game Pass/EA Access tags, necessitates first following the link to the product (on, then from there following another link to the product page on the Microsoft store in order to see the price.
  • halohogghalohogg106,926
    Posted on 07 September 17 at 01:02
    So the TA site should pull the "sale" price since that's what this article is. Free with pass, is not the same as free - since you need to buy the pass. Just like free with GwG is not free - since you need to pay for Gold.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm452,044
  • Posted on 08 September 17 at 00:34
    Those ones that are showing 0%, is that because they are either EA Access or Xbox Game Pass games?
  • Posted on 08 September 17 at 00:35
    Guess I should have read some of the other posts before posting, lol.
  • ChrisChros87ChrisChros87116,428
    Posted on 08 September 17 at 22:13
    I've not played any of the Resi Evil games. Worth getting or not? If so, which order should I play them?

    I have a fair sized back log of games so not fussed if I skip this time. Not the first time it's been on sale
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm452,044
    Posted on 09 September 17 at 00:28
    ChrisChros87 said:
    I've not played any of the Resi Evil games. Worth getting or not? If so, which order should I play them?

    I have a fair sized back log of games so not fussed if I skip this time. Not the first time it's been on sale
    I would play the remastered Resident Evil, first. This is a seminal game. Although there are survival-horror games that predate Resident Evil, it was Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami who coined the term survival-horror. Resident Evil. Many tried to emulate the game's visceral, horrific atmosphere of the game with varying degrees of success.

    Resident Evil's legacy is substantial. Today, the survival-horror genre one of the major video game genres today rather than the scattering of niche games that existed before Resident Evil made its impact on the industry. Resident Evil was released on the PlayStation when it was trying to establish itself. Although not alone, it was one of the major games that gave the new console legitimacy.

    It is worth while to experience the game for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The remaster is quite good so you can play a 20 plus year old game with a modern facelift. After you play it, you can decide whether or not you want to play other games in the series and in what order.
  • ChrisChros87ChrisChros87116,428
    Posted on 09 September 17 at 11:16
    Thanks for that
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