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Friday the 13th: The Game Reveals Its Spring Break 1984 DLC

Posted on 06 September 17 at 09:48
Story campaign anyone??
Posted on 06 September 17 at 13:31
billbillbill said:
HVAC Techie said:
Swimsuit costume DLC in a game that originally advertised uncensored nudity as one of their main reasons for avoiding a publisher.

I am gonna presume you are making a point about the developers early reliance on cheap 'shock value' marketing and aren't genuinely disappointed by the lack of "uncensored nudity", 'cause... the latter would be pathetic. : /
Oh yeah, it's an issue of marketing. Their whole big reason for the (poorly set-up) Kickstarter was "Oh we'd NEVER have a publisher able to touch the levels of gore and violence and nudity in this day and age (because who's ever heard of an M-rated game with those, right?) so we have to avoid a publisher which means we need a Kickstarter! We want to stay true to the vision of the classic experience people expect from movies using these core principles!"

Then the game drops and it's pretty clear that while the violence and gore were still there, there's no shred of nudity (and also quite a few issues that maybe having the budget of a publisher would have solved and maybe make the $40 barebones release feel less grating). You see that picture that's used in this very article? That was the thumbnail for their announcement trailer on the Kickstarter page, notably absent from the video itself, and from most of their marketing, save for when they assure everyone it's an authentic experience.

But I still wouldn't denigrate the opinion of anyone who actually cares about the missing nudity because missing nudity. It would have been a selling point for the games, just like it was for the movies, and sometimes you go for a movie or game because of what it advertises. It's part of the experience - the classic "camp counselors chilling out and stripping down and having a fun time swimming together and then suddenly Jason". It's part of the experience. And I don't blame a single person miffed by it, especially when it's a core part of the experience just like it was in their marketing - something their marketing acknowledged.
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Posted on 06 September 17 at 15:34
How bout 50% off this piece of shit game? I am dying to play it but after hearing about all the problems its a $20 game not a $40 game.
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Posted on 06 September 17 at 17:47
Why is everyone glossy?
Posted on 07 September 17 at 02:47
I definitely don't think it is a piece of shit game, even with the problems. It is alot of fun! LFG saved this game on XBox.
Posted on 07 September 17 at 05:09
I can't believe no one else has commented on the use of "titular" right below the pic...
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Posted on 07 September 17 at 18:48
I want to know what's going on with the "refund" thing they were talking about months ago where you can get your money back for turd games. It would be too late for this one but I am tired of buying crap games and getting a refund for those craps games is the only way a company will clean their shit up and make sure it works right from day one.

They had free content just a while back that I have yet to see, a lot of problems still plague this game and the broken promises of extreme gore and nudity leave a bad taste in my mouth. If i could, this would have been the first game I would have gotten a refund for.
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