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New DLC has appeared for SMITE

Information Posted on 08 September 17 at 18:32
The new DLC pack Summer Knockout for SMITE has 2 Achievements worth 35 Gamerscore
Posted on 08 September 17 at 20:36
Still new to this game, do the last patches gods always get their achievements in the following patch?
Living Legends
Posted on 08 September 17 at 21:46
^ usually the first or second pstch afterwards.
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
Posted on 15 September 17 at 12:36
First patch after has been the norm for quite a few months now. However I think they didn't add achievements for 1 god the other month for some reason. Pretty much, expect at least 2 new achievements a month from this game.
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