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What is this?

  • AwooAwoo2,054,081
    Posted on 14 September 17 at 21:13
    I know it's Chinese only, but I can't find a single piece of info online about this thing. It's not even listed on the developer's website! All I want to know is the damn genre facepalm
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  • Posted on 14 September 17 at 21:17, Edited on 14 September 17 at 21:18 by Shadow Kisuragi
    It's an Action/Puzzle game, supposedly.

    Indie Puzzle Game : Lilith-M, open a journey for you to seek hope.
    A girl named Lilith, a robot who has some mystery links to Lilith , a steam-punk cyber space, a unavoidable and difficult journey.
    Can you solve these puzzles for Lilith, and control the robot to find the key to answer? It all depends on you.
    Game Characteristics:
    Unqiue design of controling two game characters in one controller with abundant and interesting puzzle design.
    Steam-punk art style and quantities of character skins give you a colorful game journey.
    About 40 levels, difficulties from easy to hard, give you a leisure gameplay yet challenge experience.
    Game story was twisted and touching, bring you laugh and tear.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm613,439
    Posted on 15 September 17 at 17:14
    As @Shadow Kisuragi has said, pointing out the info from the X1 site, it appears to be a puzzle game where you control two characters--a girl and a robot. Since I have just been assigned to the genre team, I have e-mailed the developers asking for more information and will make it available once I get it.
  • Posted on 15 September 17 at 17:46
    E-Home and Shanghai have contact info as well if you need. They handle the publishing for consoles in China.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm613,439
    Posted on 15 September 17 at 18:04
    Shadow Kisuragi said:
    E-Home and Shanghai have contact info as well if you need. They handle the publishing for consoles in China.
    That would be useful. I saw that E-Home had published Mr. Pumpkin Adventure and thought there might be a parallel. Like Lilith-M, it's a puzzle game but the developer is different.
  • kavkaxqkavkaxq192,613
    Posted on 27 September 17 at 03:38
    Lilith-M is now available on Xbox store. It has English version. I can search it on my console today.
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  • mwibornmwiborn195,268
    Posted on 29 September 17 at 08:12
    Is this limited to certain regions? I cannot find Lilith-M in EU (Sweden).
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm613,439
    Posted on 29 September 17 at 14:47
    I have contacted the developer for info about the game. I haven't gotten anything definitive yet, but just got this e-mail:

    Thank you for your interest, I add our publisher ,and they will contact you and give you more information.
  • RG EscalanteRG Escalante2,172,567
    Posted on 30 September 17 at 14:21
    It's a puzzle game where two player characters are moved simultaneously using the same controller input. The trick is that the obstacles and traps are in different relative locations. The princess is on the left and the robot is on the right for the first 30 levels. On the last 10 levels you only have to move the princess.

    Only four or five levels were really hard to implement within the given time.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm613,439
    Posted on 30 September 17 at 17:35
    I heard back from Chesstar. They consider it to be a puzzle adventure game:

    Lilith-M is a steampunk style puzzle adventure game. Little Lilith and Robot Brother need work together to find Lilith’s memory and find the truth of the Lab. Player will control Lilith and her brother at the same time to solve various puzzles.
    The developer also gave me a review code. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to pass it along.
  • Posted on 30 September 17 at 17:40, Edited on 30 September 17 at 17:41 by Shadow Kisuragi
    I'll take it to flag it and add solutions, if it hasn't been claimed.
  • SmactSillySmactSilly471,637
    Posted on 27 October 17 at 04:40
    The controls on the game are so terrible. Sometimes they walk, sometimes they turn, sometimes one simply doesn't move and the other does. I died while paused a couple of times because the characters kept moving after pausing the game.

    A few of the puzzles were noteworthy, but some of the moves are timed to the second so with messed up controls it makes it really annoying. Not difficult as long as you can persist, but really, REALLY, annoying.
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