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Forza Motorsport 7 Launch Trailer and Voices of Motorsports Revealed

Posted on 19 September 17 at 23:31
Demo now available too

Please click here to read the story: Forza Motorsport 7 Launch Trailer and Voices of Motorsports Revealed
craig killed ya
Posted on 19 September 17 at 23:51
The best racing game ever and please buy me splash screens after every race is annoying.
Posted on 20 September 17 at 00:21
Having a load of cars in the homespace at once in that screenshot had better be a feature and not just some trickery for the image!
Evil Kenivl
Evil Kenivl
Posted on 20 September 17 at 01:07
CANT WAIT!!! Forza Apex - Horizon 3 and now the next Forza title... They are so BEAUTY on pc... This will suck lifetime for months again laugh

Forza Driver Level 11 - driving since 2007 - right now 18.588/19.000 Points toast
Gaming since 1990!
Posted on 20 September 17 at 01:14
Will miss the Top Gears guys doing the commentary.
Posted on 20 September 17 at 07:15
Still hate on them for putting the 24 player achievement in this one too..
Posted on 20 September 17 at 07:57
Have to say JC's voice and the old TG/GT is going to be missed. His voice has a lot of passion when he talks about cars... or maybe I'm just a fan boy.

Surprised they didn't get any of the new TG folk to do this. Chris Harris or LeBlanc would have been good for this. Oh well.
Posted on 20 September 17 at 08:29
This trailer is idiotic.

Project CARS 2 has INDEFINITELY won my money this year. I might completely abandon FM (after being a fan since the original) thanks to this. Mass appeal madness.
'Member? WickedDeath : "That used car salesman Larry herb will be saying what an amazing deal it is..."
Posted on 20 September 17 at 11:50
Posted on 20 September 17 at 15:02
Played the demo and it looks awesone, bet it looks even better on the X!
DARK 777
Posted on 07 October 17 at 15:13, Edited on 09 October 17 at 16:53 by a1d
Really the only game for which I regret not having Xbox one. it must be admitted he looks much better than Gt Sport. It will come out on PC or it is like forza horizon 3?

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