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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: September 26th, 2017

  • RMcAvoyRMcAvoy740,761
    Posted on 01 October 17 at 08:21
    Xystra said:
    LordSuprachris said:
    RMcAvoy said:
    LordSuprachris said:
    I can't find the information anywhere, does the "Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - Gold" include the Siberian Strike DLC?
    Yes - it's included clap

    I took the massive risk of around 3 Euros and bought the DLC wink

    As you can see at my profile i got the first achievement right after i started the DLC laugh

    Finally i can complete the game in one run incl. the DLC, until now i only finished the Multiplayer headspin
    Thanks for the info! :D

    Same for me, I've only boosted the multiplayer achievements with a friend, the solo campaign has been on my "soon to play" list for a while now.
    can anyone explain exactly what is in this DLC? It has no real description anywhere that I can find (either on or TA)...
    As i wrote you have the Siberian Strike DLC included, and it seems that you also get the others 3 DLCs with Weapons, MP maps & Charakters.
  • XystraXystra174,948
    Posted on 03 October 17 at 22:22
    thank you.
  • coinfrenzycoinfrenzy720,113
    Posted on 26 November 17 at 20:07
    laughlaughAbyssalOrc33 said:
    EarthboundX said:
    CRZYSPZ said:
    Picked up Painkiller Hell & Damnation.

    Nothing else for me this week, especially after I just picked up Cuphead, RUINER, and Halo Wars 2's new add-on....
    Have fun completing the game, as they took out most of the levels to sell as DLC.

    I managed to get the game and all its DLC for under 20 bucks once, but I'm not sure if it's ever been on sale since then.
    WOW I was going to buy Painkiller until I saw this. WTF. What a stupid thing to do.
    This is beyond dumb. It I figure I can cap it at 1000 and in the future if ever I can get a sale I'll purchase it then. Otherwise I'll start maybe buying the DLC once a week so it doesn't feel like so much IG-@COINFRENZYGAMES
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