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What the cheevos are!

  • RG EscalanteRG Escalante2,202,502
    Posted on 28 September 17 at 17:45
    The cheevos for this game are:

    There are three cheevos that pop for getting skins; some of them for getting the skins and some of them for spending the money.

    There are cheevos for dying : (getting spiked, lasered, crushed, etc.)
    One of them is for dying 10 times before finishing the level!

    The rest of the cheevos are for completing levels. (getting gears too).

    Achievement tracking WORKS!!! Pictures of achievements were a vital clue.

    You DO have to do 'some' levels perfectly (10 maybe?) but you do not have to worry about completing all the times.

    Took me less than five hours to finish it.
  • negative1nenegative1ne117,904
    Posted on 28 September 17 at 17:49
    Here is google translate:
    Slightly small 147 (60)
    Complete the third chapter when any one time to unlock

    Secondary Income Trap 98 (40)
    Cumulative purchase 4 times to unlock

    You love me i know 85 (60)
    Total death 100 times to unlock

    Moths fire 104 (60)
    Was laser killed 50 times after unlocking

    Bounce 69 (40)
    Players always trigger 50 times after lifting the ground to unlock

    Advanced obsessive-compulsive disorder patients 173 (100)
    Accumulated 15 off the task after the completion of all unlock

    Punctual medal 104 (60)
    Cumulative 10 off after unlocking within a limited time

    Wasteland completed 104 (60)
    Complete the second chapter or after any one time to unlock

    Bordeaux 12 (10)
    Was bitten by six people to kill

    Love of Lolita 35 (20)
    Give Lilith an image to unlock

    Petty Life 85 (60)
    The cumulative consumption of 100 gold coins unlock

    Reasonable consumption 28 (20)
    Buy image image unlocked

    OCD patients 85 (60)
    Accumulated 5 off the task after the completion of all unlock

    A small test 49 (40)
    Turn on the switch 20 times to unlock

    Money is really good 40 (40)
    The cumulative pick up 100 gold coins unlock

    What is friendship 10 (10)
    After the first death to unlock

    Burning and burning pain 60 (60)
    Accumulated to be thieves killed 50 times to get

    Love spent life 28 (20)
    Was bite 10 times to kill

    Mantis when the car 60 (60)
    Was crushed 50 times by rolling machine

    Customs Clearance 60 (60)
    Complete all the points in Chapter 3

    Perseverance (60)
    In a customs death 10 times to unlock
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