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Game no longer available for new downloads?

Smash fan963
Smash fan963
Posted on 30 September 17 at 15:17

As you all might've heard, Pinball FX3 recently came out. Unlike FX1 to FX2, certain tables did not make it over to 3. Theoretically one could just grab 2, but for some reason, the buy button on the Microsoft site says Not Available in leu of Buy (this was when I was signed out of my account).

This led to me thinking that FX2 seems to have been delisted (though DLC is still available) and I wanted to check if it really was, since the Steam store page for FX2 (unrelated version) is gone completely. So if someone can check and see if FX2 is unavailable for new downloads, that would be great. I would do it myself, but I already own FX2.

(As a side note, I think this only affects the Xbox One version, since the Windows 10 version is saying Get the Game)
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