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Dlcs arent in the store

Charles D Wayne
Posted on 07 October 17 at 13:29
So as you can see in the subject the dlcs arent showing in my game/xbox store i live in germany so i first though its censored? But even after i changed to usa the store still wasnt showing me the dlcs also in the game when i go to download content ( hope thats right ) it just say there are currently no dlcs available?!
When i search SR3 there is the german version with the dlcs which i buyed before i knew there is a problem
But on my version ( this one ) the release year isnt there there is nothing & in the description it says no coop instead of coop also no " demand version " the only thing i can download are avatar clothes , trailers & online pass thats it.
I really dont want to do the german version too because i dont like to do a game 2times even if i like it but when the other version wont count to the i have i will do it otherwise i waisted money for nothing...
Maybe some of you guys know what to do? I never had such an problem...
Hope my english wasnt to bad dance
Charles D Wayne
Posted on 07 October 17 at 15:04, Edited on 07 October 17 at 15:04 by JumboWario
These help?
Game On.
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