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Currently unobtainable achievements - Updated 18-03-13

Posted on 10 October 17 at 10:02, Edited on 14 March 18 at 01:36 by darkmikasonfire
UPDATE 17-03-13:
OCD is still broken as shit. level 21 batteries still aren't counting and the missing one in level 20 is still missing. Unless they added new batteries in another level which isn't likely, the game still isn't able to be completed.

Updated 17-11-10
Yeah OCD is unobtainable. level 20 is missing it's battery still, and level 21 just isn't registering period, so the 21 you collect in it don't count towards the achievement and they should. You can get up to 98% of the way to obtaining this achievement (as says the tracker) beyond that it's a no go. the 21 unregistering batteries in level 21 would alone probably bump it up to 100% based on previous levels bumping it up certain %ages.

If anyone's interested, as I informed and went through this with the devs immediately after the patch was brought out.
Each level, how many batteries can be found out of total batteries to find, and what percentage it puts the achievement towards.
0 00/00 00%
1 28/28 3%
2 55/55 10%
3 21/21 13%
4 42/42 18%
5 47/47 24%
6 26/26 28%
7 51/51 34%
8 45/45 40%
9 23/23 43%
10 47/47 49%
11 18/18 52%
12 14/14 53%
13 58/58 61%
14 34/34 65%
15 36/36 70%
16 13/13 72%
17 88/88 83%
18 88/88 94%
19 9/9 95%
20 23/24 98% - battery missing
21 21/21 98% - no change towards OCD achievement progress tracker

UPDATE 17-11-09:
Okay there has been a game update from version to
Messiah and Thank You are now obtainable. - I got them so this is fact based.

There still seems to be some issue with OCD which I swear was Maniac (I believe they flipped the two achievements but maybe I'm crazy), I managed to collect all the batteries in level 6 and 15 which was 5 out of the total 6 missing batteries, the missing battery in level 20 is still missing it seems. However upon collecting those 5/6 missing batteries my acheievement counter went from 97% to 98% which worries me as there should only be 1 more battery left, and if 5 was required to go from 97 - 98% then why would 1 bring it from 98 - 100%.
I only played those levels though I'm going to play through the whole game again from scratch this weekend collecting all the batteries to see if maybe there were some added in other levels to fix the achievement or not. Until then the achievement OCD seems to still be unobtainable.

UPDATE 17-10-10:
Contacted the Devs and got a reply, they worked on and finished making a patch for the game and put it through to MS for certification. Not sure when that certification will go through to actually get the patch, but the game should soon be at least partially if not completely fixed.

The issue is an old verion was tested on Xbox, BUT they never tested the upgraded versions on it for reasons of the I don't know variety. This caused the issues. Hopefully after this update it'll get better, some of the cutscenes and game play areas weren't good, but the broken achievements killed it, so hopefully that'll be taken care of.

Messiah - Save all of the robots!: - Fixed in update
In level 20 there are suppose to be 4 robots, there's only 2 & neither of them are even counted towards the counter it, all the rest of them exist & are collectable.

OCD - Collect 100% of all batteries:
Level 6 is missing 3 batteries leaving it at 23/26. - Fixed in update
Level 15, is missing 2 batteries leaving it at 34/36. - Fixed in update
Level 20 is missing 1 battery leaving it at 23/24.
HOWEVER, Level 17 has 1 extra battery leaving you 89/88. - Fixed in update

Thank You - Please see our credits haha...: - Fixed in update
It... doesn't... pop... fucking... seriously.... goddamnit. beating the game gives you a 49 GS achievement, this one gives you the last 1 GS to make it normal... just damnit.
I am epic ~desu~
Clad master
Clad master
Posted on 11 October 17 at 16:39
Thanks for the news.I just finished a full run on Twitch,it's a total garbage.Nothing is good,maybe only the soundtrack.But 14 months of delay...for this ? It's a fu**ing joke !
Posted on 11 October 17 at 19:54
I don't think a patch is going to change the fact that this might be the WORST Xbox One game on the store right now.

Worse than Toro.
D o g m A.
Clad master
Clad master
Posted on 11 October 17 at 20:59
Posted on 13 October 17 at 01:16
I'm weird maybe, I thought it was cute, it's graphics leave a lot to be desired, like significantly but it wasn't terrible.
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Posted on 19 October 17 at 10:38
My Bruce achievement is not unlocking...
Clad master
Clad master
Posted on 25 October 17 at 11:13
Overheat for me :-/
Posted on 09 November 17 at 19:56
MussiBR are you sure you grabbed Bruce? there are a bunch you have to save, not all of them have achievements. Bruce is on level 2 somewhere.

Clad master - that achievement in finicky, I got it by going into a fire (obviously) then getting out and letting myself get the heat area nearly to the top keeping it in the red area. I kept it there from full life to when it killed me. I think you're suppose to survive I don't think I should have been able to get it that way but that's how it worked for me. That achievement is an issue for some people on steam though, hopefully with the update it's okay.
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Clad master
Clad master
Posted on 09 November 17 at 22:57
Thanks for the reply.With the update it now good for me.But i spent nearly 40-50 seconds to unlock this.Strange,but i don't want to understand the logic (if there's a logic) of this game.

So,after the update,only the "Maniac" achievement is still glitched.Thankfully the 1G cheevo is now unlockable :P
Posted on 10 November 17 at 21:06
the achievements Maniac and OCD seem to have been flipped. So OCD which I believe was 50% is now for 100% and Maniac which was for 100% is now for 50% found. Or maybe I was crazy in the first place and put down Maniac when it should have been OCD I don't know anymore, that was a month ago :-/. As such now OCD is the only missing achievement. And I know where the issue is, if you play through the game and get everything, there's 1 missing battery in level 20, and none of them in 21 are being counted for reasons unknown. All other batteries exist, and seem to count, when you get them all you'll be at 98% towards this achievement.
When they patch the game you should be able to use level select for level 20 to get all 24 when it gets all 24 placed properly, then you'll have to continue to 21 from that level and re collect the 21 in that level to get it to register them. The reason is level 0 and level 21... neither are on the level select screen and I think that's actually why level 21 isn't currently registering ,but I'm not a programmer so idk.

They have been made away of this, as I've been talking with them about the X1 thing since the beginning, I reviewed the game and I'll be goddamned if I don't 100% something I put on this fucking xbox, I'm too proud of having a 100% completion rating of 95% for my games to come across a game that's going to fuck it.

So yeah they have been made aware of these issues, I played through the whole thing listed level, amount of batteries found/total batteries to find, and the %age towards the OCD achievement. They listened well since I'm now the unofficial X1 tester of this game for them it seems :-/ I should be getting paid for this, even a few pizzas would do but nooooooooo they have to be in another land. damnit.

So anyways, they know what the issue is they just have to find where it is and why it's not doing what they want. I expect a patch before Feb of next year that should hopefully patch this, when it comes out, I'll be announcing it as I'll be 100%ing this fucking thing finally WOOT.

Graphically this game is kinda poo, cutscenes are janky and poo-ish, and there's some serious seizure risks in the game that they don't seem to be able to fix, which is really REALLY bad, but overall I rather enjoyed the game, it's cute, I like the sounds in it, and it's fairly easy. But I also hate platformers so the fact that this is stupid easy really bumped up how much I like it. For others who do like platformers and play them a bunch this is probably pure unadulterated garbage, which is a shame.
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