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Backwards Compatible No Longer in Achievement Page?

Posted on 10 October 17 at 19:18
There used to be a blue box/banner on the Achievements Page for games that indicated it was a backwards compatible game.

The icon still appears to be on the Hub Page, but the blue box is now missing from the game information box on the achievement page. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but as someone who frequently skips the hub page and focuses on the achievement page, I was dismayed to not see it.
Posted on 11 October 17 at 16:59
What game are you looking at? I just looked at the BioShock games and I still see the blue information box in the achievement page.
Posted on 11 October 17 at 17:17
It looks like it's been changed already. I had noticed it on Halo Wars specifically, but saw it on other pages. Seems they quick ninja fixed it.
Information Posted on 12 October 17 at 12:26
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WebChimp UK
Posted on 12 October 17 at 12:27
Thanks, everyone. This was a quirk with the last update and now fixed. toast
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