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Loot Boxes: Who's To Blame?

Posted on 14 October 17 at 14:47
Spoiler: Most of us are.

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Posted on 14 October 17 at 14:50
Loot boxes are fine as long as it is all cosmetic...but when it blocks part of the campaign, or gives multiplayer advantage, then those games become pay to win, and that is the issue.
Yes, I know I am.
The Minish Wolf
Posted on 14 October 17 at 14:53
Great read, and one that is going to annoy a few people.
End of the day, if you hate this shit, boycott, don't buy into it. The only thing that will make this trend stop is if people stop letting it happen.
Wumbo Woody
Wumbo Woody
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:01
Loot boxes are fine....randomized items puts everything on equal ground for everyone...sometimes you might get good shit and sometimes you might get bad shit...gotta learn to play with what you get and stop whining about not getting the most overpowered shit every single time...learn to use everything
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:03
Microtransactions as a whole- whether that's loot boxes or currency, cosmetic or functional- should not, ever, be in a game that you pay for up front, for any reason. I don't buy games with microtransactions in specifically because they have microtransactions.

However, even if you do choose not to spend the £80 or whatever they're charging for the not-quite-full version of the game because of the presence of microtransactions, some whale will come along and spend £800+ on loot boxes and in the end the publisher is still better off, so I'm not sure if we can win this one.
dipsy de 1e
dipsy de 1e
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:05, Edited on 14 October 17 at 15:05 by dipsy de 1e
Loot boxes are not okay, even if it's only cosmetic. You could spend hundreds of dollars and still not get what you want. I mean come on you pay 60$ (or more if you buy a special edition) and the developers beg for more money? Give me a break.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:05, Edited on 14 October 17 at 15:07 by CanadianWhizKid
These companies are a for-profit businesses, so they need to generate revenue and profits at the end of the day. Whether it’s thru DLC and season passes, micro transactions, loot boxes or however else they do it, they still need revenue to cover expenses.

Now, with that said, there are still right and wrong ways that these companies are doing that. Overwatch is a great example of a loot box system done right- purely cosmetic items that don’t give players advantages over others, and if u get duplicate items, u get currency instead that u can use to purchase items u want.

Other games are designed to funnel people or make people feel obligated to purchase things in order to progress, esp if it makes them feel like they will “fall behind” friends or other players if they don’t, or that they can’t completely enjoy the game if they don’t buy into it (Pokémon GO).

A game done right should not make players feel forced to buy, but rather players should simply choose to buy because they outright enjoy the game and wish to support it.

The reason loot boxes are here is because they have the greatest earning potential compared to flat DLC or micro transactions that are usually single purchases. Loot boxes can purchased over and over again, which is fine, unless players once again feel like the game is pushing them to buy.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:14
I would say any loot system that is literally gambling your money away is morally reprehensible. Players with anything akin to a gambling addiction just can't help but by them. These take advantage of people with actual mental health problems. No consumer-minded person should approve of their inclusion in a game that already costs an up-front sum to purchase.

Free games, however, can make money however they wish. I can't rightly take a stand against loot boxes in free games when I've never spoken out against other free gambling games like all the slot machine "games" out there.

I have never once made a microtransaction purchase with real money in any video game I have ever played. I refuse to support that model because I personally do not like it. I plan to keep it that way, because I'll be damned if I become one of the hypocrites.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:15
This what happens when you give them a inch they take a mile by allowing them to charges us for cosmetics they have now adding pay to win and pay to progress as well as adding loot boxes and microtransactions to single player campaign.

This is the worst time to be playing games all because of greedy scumbags
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:19
One of the best articles on the site. The blame falls equally on consumers and publishers in the case of the loot boxes. I don't buy them in a $60 game, regardless of whether or not they're "just cosmetic". It's a shitty business practice where the companies simply try to dip their hands further and further into the pockets of consumers who have already paid for their product. They don't need loot boxes or any form of microtransactions in order to support their games development the same way a freemium one does; it's simply just greed.

Taking regular cosmetic items and hiding them behind slot machines or roulette wheels in the form of loot boxes means they get to dip even further into the pockets of customers, telling them that if they didn't get what they wanted in the boxes they grinded out through gameplay they can always give up the cash for the opportunity to try again. These casino simulators should be treated as such and legislated by the government.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:31
In my opinion, EA Sports’ Ultimate Team modes are the only time I’ve seen loot crates done right. Plenty on in game opportunity to get the coins for packs, and if there’s any thing you want or don’t need, take it to the auction house.

Everything else in the last year has been crap in this regard. Gears 4 tying horde skills to opening crates. Halo Wars 2 gimps your Blitz decks until you get some crates. Forza 7 has locked certain cars in crates. And those are just the games I’ve played. I’ve heard plenty of bad things from Battlefront 2’s beta.

Maybe this is why a game like Cuphead can sell a million copies so fast. Reasonable price, old school challenge, and a complete experience that’s based on “git gud” and not “pay to win”.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:31
I like to buy loot boxes
Alf Ganikiller
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:32
I'm bored of loot boxes already.
Wouldn't know where to start.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:34
It's simple if developers think they are whoring their game then that's what they are doing. If you live loot boxes away but sell keys that's whoring they should create a free way of opening. And it is mostly a successful plan because there are kids that don't know the value of money and mummy or daddy card is on their console and then the 20+ yr olds that are worse than the kids because they use the bank of mum & dad also have no idea of the value of money and don't care
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:35
Honestly, I place the blame entirely on the people buying them. The publishers had an idea to male more money, as businesses tend to. They implemented it in smaller scale, to see if it would be accepted by their customer base. It was, and people bought them en masse. So, they've done what any half intelligent company would do - they increased the scale.

Then, again in an attempt to make more money, they decided to see if the customer base would be OK with more things being included in microtransactions. They were, and they bought them. Again, the companies increased the scale at which they do this because the customer base was clearly OK with it.

Honestly, I'd be concerned about the people running the companies if they saw how much money these brought in an they didn't keep doing it.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:36
Oh and loot boxes are a truly bad idea for the simple fact games are not for ever do why should they get money for a service that may not be round in a year or 2 or 3 like FIFA games and otheres
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:42
Never purchased a loot box/key in any game ever but I like them. You should learn to like them too because they're not going anywhere.
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:44
Great article...Bottom line-Consumers have and have always had the power. If you want loot boxes and Remasters, and micro transactions to go away, STOP BUYING THEM!
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:48
The companie$ are brilliant in marketing thi$ idea.
$ure, we hate the idea that they're making $$$ off of $ucker$ that actually $pend real money on what could be ab$olute garbage - but they're banking on the fact that player$ will do it.

And, like the article (and many other users) has stated... people still do it. It's the same reason that F2P games are still successful. People will pay to get ahead or to get some other type of useless garbage. I wish it wasn't the reality, but it is.
Requiescat in pace
Posted on 14 October 17 at 15:51
I'm honestly surprised that kid/teen rated games such as rocket league are even allowed to have loot boxes here in Canada.

I've seen policies enforced up here where Bingo halls are forced to ban anyone under 19 from even entering the building during play times due to "gambling". Even seen a story where schools have stopped allowing classes from playing it as an alternative way to learn. Loot boxes are more or less identical in being a semi gambling concept and are slowly creeping in.

No real point just an interesting observation. laugh
I'm always willing to help other players boost achievements even if I already have them. Just ask!
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