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multiplayer boosting

  • DonietscheDonietsche456,949
    Posted on 17 October 17 at 20:56, Edited on 17 October 17 at 20:57 by Donietsche
    looking for players to boost the mp achievements. 3 players (+1... that would be me) would be perfect: the "infection" game mode requires at least 4 players, if I'm not mistaken. Anyone interested?
  • JTD2198JTD219886,189
    Posted on 21 October 17 at 21:56
    I will join! Finally som3one
  • Posted on 23 October 17 at 21:42
    Yes I am interested.
  • DonietscheDonietsche456,949
    Posted on 23 October 17 at 22:18, Edited on 23 October 17 at 22:20 by Donietsche
    ET3RNAl BL00D X said:
    Yes I am interested.
    feel free to add me on xbox live! We could have 2 more players interested (currently waiting to hear from them), which would be great.
  • Posted on 26 October 17 at 00:43
    Ok I will add you on xbox live.
  • alexautumnalexautumn235,523
    Posted on 27 February 18 at 06:57
    hello. looking for 2 partners for boosting infection mode
  • Posted on 26 May 18 at 23:00
    Looking to do the 6 multiplayer achievements. Add me "A4th Brokenhalo" if you're interested.
  • Posted on 07 June 18 at 01:12
    Anyone still need these? I can double box, preferably looking for someone else that can double as well
  • OrbihtOrbiht447,999
    Posted on 30 June 18 at 20:06
    Just picked this game back up for like $1 and I never got the multiplayer achievements. I’m willing to help boost with anyone.
  • Posted on 05 September 19 at 04:42
    I still need the ranked Infection achievememts, if anyone can help. GT is my name here.
  • Posted on 05 January 20 at 07:10
    I have just started this game and will be hosting a session every week (my Sunday morning/around Saturday evening for the Northern Hemisphere). First session is up.
  • PankerizatePankerizate259,399 259,399 GamerScore
    Posted on 26 February 20 at 12:41
    Hi, I'm setting up some crash sessions on the following Saturdays to come.
    Everyone's welcome!
  • w3st13w3st13236,890
    Posted on 15 April 20 at 20:29
    I'm looking to get the hero of the people achievement done at some point, can get on pretty much any time, shoot me a message if you'd like some impromptu sessions and we can get it done 👍.
  • Galacticus84Galacticus84285,750
    Posted on 18 June 20 at 16:43
    Looking to boost all multiplayer achievements too
  • PaulRKraftPaulRKraft186,449
    Posted on 10 March 21 at 09:07
    I am looking to complete the online before starting the game, send me a message if you are interested in boosting to schedule a time.
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