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Ultimate Where-To Save. Do Everything In The Game

Posted on 18 October 17 at 22:02
Here is my concise guide to getting all of the Achievements, and just plain doing basically everything in the game.

Everything you can do in this guide will be before you even enter the Tops casino. I just finished all of this and right before I entered the last quest topped me out at level 50.

First and foremost to know, this game is HEAVILY NCR-sided. So those of you that want to do an evil runthrough, it's going to be relatively short of a game.

Second, the ratslayer is a beautiful weapon that I encourage you to get. This is because as long as you are hidden and you snipe people with this, you gain no negative karma. This will play into a few quests.

My initial build was this..

S: 4
P: 4
E: 7
C: 1
I: 9
A: 6
L: 9

Charisma is crap, don't worry about it. Intelligence is key to get your Skills up quickly. Luck is is key to getting a lot of caps early and the implants.


Four eyes-with glasses, which you can find in Doc Mitchell's house you gain +2 Perception.

Small frame so you gain +1 to your Agility.

Tag Skills...

Lockpick, you're going to have a loooot of locks all over and it is a critical skill.

Science, there is a lot of computers everywhere to hack so this one too.

Speech, there is a lot of things and extra experience points you can get through speech options.

Just before entering the Tops...

This is my setup:

S: 10
P: 10
E: 10
C: 2
I: 10
A: 10
L: 10

All of my skills are 100 except Melee at 69 (tee hee, i'd rather shoot people), and Unarmed at 56

My weapon of choice is the Recharger Pistol, no ammo and with a high enough Energy Weapon skill it's pretty strong. Then the Tri-Beam Laser for Deathclaws and such.


First Recon Beret-Perception +1
Stealth Suite-Awesome with enough Stimpacks, and sweet voice

Level up perks...

Every other level you go you have to pick a new trait and these are the ones I chose and why in alphabetical order, and some are given while you play.

Action Girl-More points to shoot
Action Girl-Even more points to shoot
Adamantium Skeleton-Offsets your small frame perk
Better Criticals-You can hit your targets better
Black Widow-I was a woman and the dialog options are fun
Concentrated Fire-With each shot your accuracy increases
Educated-Take early at level 4 to get the most skill points per level
Explorer-Just for fun to see every map location for you scouts
Finesse-Higher critical chance
Four Eyes-Helps perception
Grim Reapers Spirit-Gives you action points for killing in VATS
Intense Training 8-I took 8 levels to get most of my Special to 10's
Jury Rigging-This helps a little early so you can repair random weapons and clothing with themselves
Live Giver-More health points
Math Wrath-Your shots take less action points
Small Frame-Chosen for the +1 Agility
Sniper-I usually go for headshots because the head blows up quicker
Strong Back-This helps early on if you can so you can carry more to sell more
Tag!-I tagged guns to help me in Flags Of Our Foul-ups


Here is the order of the Quests I completed, and all before I even entered the Tops casino. Keep in mind before you enter the Tops that you pretty much have free reign and no factions will shoot you on sight. The Ratslayer will help in 2 quests where you have to kill some of the Legion guys. The Gun Runners are your best place 8,000 caps to sell stuff. For the companion quests to start you have to have the companion right there with you so i'll note those times. With my setup I maaaybe had to use 1 or 2 skill magazines, so don't worry about that. My runthrough was NCR biased for the ending because they're the Faction that watches you the most and the slightest little thing against them can swing your reputation.

Also another important thing to remember for Legend Of The Star, most every building or location has these little caps with the Stars on them, so always be on the lookout.

Before you even start the quests though, head east through Hidden Valley and north to Vegas, go to the Silver casino and max out on caps (blackjack was my game), once maxed out go to the strip gate and pass the credit check, go to Gomorrah and the Ultra Luxe and max out by gambling. Don't go in the Tops! Then head to the new Vegas Medical Clinic and get all the basic Special Implants, get the Endurance first just to make sure you can get the most. Don't worry about the two weird ones at the end until later.

1. Ain't That A Kick In The Head
2. Back In The Saddle
3. Ghost Town Gunfight
4. My Kind Of Town
5. Cold, Cold Heart
6. Can You Find It In Your Heart
7. One For My Baby
8. High Times
9. Wango Dango Atomic Tango
10. GI Blues
11. I Put A Spell On You-Have Boone with you while you confront and kill the spy, and also Veronica before you walk into the main building on the way to talk to General Hsu
12. You Can Depend On Me
13. Pressing Matters
14. Three-Card Bounty-
15. The Coyotes
16. Left My Heart
17. Aba Daba Honeymoon-Have Veronica with you when you first walk towards Vault 3
18. Cry Me A River
19. That Lucky Old Sun
20. Sunshine Boogie
21. Ant Misbehavin
22. Young Hearts
23. Volare!-Have Veronica with you while you listen to the Boomer's history the first time
24. Heartache By The Number
25. Come Fly With Me
26. They Went That-A-Way
27. Boulder City Showdown
28. Medical Mystery
29. Return To Sender
30. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
31. Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues
32. No, Not Much
33. Flags Of Our Foul-Ups
34. Anywhere I Wander-Use the Ratslayer while hidden here also so you don't lose any karma with Caesar's Legion
35. Restoring Hope-Clean Out The Town First With The Ratslayer while hidden, enter Dead Sea's cabin while crouching with a stealth boy, he won't be able to see you and you can kill him with the Ratslayer withough faction loss, and be still because two more guys spawn after you kill him
36. Back In Your Own Backyard-Have Boone wait at NCR post and save hostages
37. Don't Make A Beggar Of Me
38. Eye For An Eye-Remain hidden while you drop the barrels so you don't lose any rep with the Legion. Also have Boone with you
39. Hard Luck Blues
40. The White Wash-Have Veronica with you when you confront Tom Anderson and say "I'm with the followers..."
41. We Will All Go Together
42. Booted
43. Wheel Of Fortune
44. Unfriendly Persuasion
45. Nothin But A Hound Dog
46. Guess Who I Saw Today
47. There Stands The Grass-Have Veronica with you before you talk to McHildern
48. Bleed Me Dry
49. Someone To Watch Over Me
50. Debt Collector
51. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
52. Ed-E My Love
53. Still In The Dark
54. Eyesight To The Blind
55. The Legend Of The Star
56. A Valuable Lesson
57. I Fought The Law-Kill some powder gangers and wear their armor, because you already pissed them off in Ghost Town Gunfight, and kill the door guard with the Ratslayer while hidden. Then go into the Admin building and crouch near the entrance and kill everyone but the boss upstairs with the Ratslayer. Then to initiate the quest you need to literally run up to him while hitting the talk button so he doesn't see through your disguise, when done, run the hell out of there. You need to run up to him every time you need to talk to him
58. Emergency Radio
59. Pheeble Will
60. Classic Inspiration
61. Bye Bye Love
62. How Little We Know
63. Beyond The Beef
64. Welcome To The Big Empty
65. Picking Your Brains
66. What's In A Name
67. Coming Out Of Her Shell
68. He Came...He Went
69. When Visitors Attack!
70. On The Same Wavelength
71. X-2 Strange Transmissions
72. X-8 High School Horror!
73. A Brain's Best Friend
74. X-13 Attack Of The Infiltrator
75. Project X-13
76. All My Friends Have Off Switches
77. Sonic Emitter Upgrade
78. X-8 Data Retrieval Test
79. Influencing People
80. Field Research
81. The Old World Blues
82. The Silo
83. The Job
84. The Launch
85. The Tunnelers
86. The Divide
87. The Courier
88. The End
89. Happy Trails Expedition
90. Arrival At Zion
91. Tourist Trap
92. Gone Fishin
93. Roadside Attraction
94. Deliverer Of Sorrows
95. The Advance Scout
96. The Treacherous Road
97. A Family Afffair
98. River Monsters
99. Gathering Storms
100. Crush The White Legs
101. Departing Paradise
102. Find Collar 8: Dog
103. Find Collar 12: Christine
104. Fires Up In The Sky
105. Strike Up The Band
106. Mixed Signals
107. Trigger The Gala Event
108. Last Luxuries
109. Put The Beast Down
110. Curtain Call At The Tampico
111. Heist Of The Centuries

All of these you can do before you even step foot inside the Tops and actually progress through the game. Make sure to save often and remember a few of the DLC's have alternate endings for another Achievement. I would personally save the Dead Money DLC for the end because this game takes away all of your equipment and gear so you better be high enough level to finish it easy.

Now save your game and you're free to choose whatever faction you want. And because you've completed all of these quests, you can blow through whatever faction quests because most of them deal with things you've already completed. You cannot start Arcade Gannon's quest until you've chosen a faction BTW. You can trigger Arcade, Ed-E, and Raul's quests even after you've spoken to the people.

Also as soon as you deal with Benny, your faction ratings reset, especially with Caesar. Now is a good time also to break off a save game and do all of the Gun Runner Challenges because you can access anywhere you want to in the game. For the animals ones I would recommend the Thorn, you can choose what animal you fight and you can close your cage to protect yourself.

Posted on 02 November 17 at 02:21
This is a really good guide, especially the skill-set information. New Vegas was the last of the series for me to play, and I remember how I had screwed up so much of it my first playthrough due to investing in all the wrong areas. I was high up with speech, and ended up finding it to be rare skill to use. Where as my endurance was lacking, which made it hard to get those implants from the Medical Clinic.

The only thing I would nitpick at with the guide is the save point. I did everything in the game including the main quest, and then made my save. (just before going into the Fort Bunker) It made no difference in the end. Even though I had killed the Omertas, killed oh so many Legionaries, and all this other junk Caesar wasn't happy with, but I could still stick with the Legion as well as the other factions. So really the only difference was I had to go through the Boomers depending on which faction I chose, but that was it.

Obviously this isn't much of a difference and your guide is still as solid as it gets. Just mentioning that Benny can still be dealt with and the main quest finished without screwing up the process of the endings. I just made my save right before the bunker and reloaded once I got each ending.

Also- the Ratslayer, yes! I used the All American quite a bit as well, also a good weapon if you're looking to keep some distance.

Once again, awesome guide! I'm totally late to the party on this site, but since New Vegas was my pride and joy, I figured I'd take a look at some recent posts.
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