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stats online bug

  • Posted on 19 October 17 at 17:14Permalink
    Hello , I have a problem : I play differents ranked online games , and I restart my game and ...My stats is reset !
    I don't understand .roll

    ps : Sorry for my bad english , Im french
    I Xevious I xP
  • DonietscheDonietsche366,552
    Posted on 19 October 17 at 17:50, Edited on 19 October 17 at 17:52 by DonietschePermalink
    we are discussing this issue in the other recent topic... it's happening to many of us :(

    You're not the only one, quite the contrary.
  • Posted on 19 October 17 at 17:53Permalink
    It's so bad !angry
    I Xevious I xP
  • FlavioDarkyxFlavioDarkyx202,003
    Posted on 19 October 17 at 19:07Permalink
    the same here
  • Unmet PlayerUnmet Player1,091,118
    Posted on 21 November 17 at 09:10Permalink
    Stats reset if you quit the game. You must complete this in on sitting.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 06 December 17 at 21:33Permalink
    Lol one sitting. Ok. There are different ways around this. Play on disc. On 360. Not the one. Problem solved. My buddy just finished the game boxing with himself over a month. No issues. Used one and 360. So no not one sitting.
    Obtained the shadows rushed me.
  • DonietscheDonietsche366,552
    Posted on 07 December 17 at 11:14, Edited on 07 December 17 at 11:21 by DonietschePermalink
    the bug is there for x360 users as well, it only matters whether or not your stats are "old", i..e. if you started the game before the glitch or whatever has happened to the stat server. In this case (old stats) you *should* be relatively safe.

    Everyone else (players who d/l or started the game after it was the GWG game of the month) is screwed.

    Truth to be told I haven't tested playing the disc version (I'm playing the digital version), so can't rule out that this could be an effective work-around. For sure I won't buy a copy of the game just to test this out lol

    of course, it would be interesting to hear from someone that can confirm or deny that (as long as it starts the game now... see above the caveat about "old stats"; a new game won't do, because mp stats are linked to the gamer profile, not to the save game).
  • Posted on 11 December 17 at 19:51Permalink
    i just unlocked the weapon virtuoso achievement and distinguished service medal last night. my friends helped me get all 1600 kills and 500 objective points as i had just started the game and it took us about 8 hours in one sitting. a bit ridiculous but they didn't have to do much as i was mostly spawn killing them. when i get time i'll type up a solution on exactly how i did it so if you choose to do it you might be able to do it a little faster. also there were four of us so if you have six it may go faster, not sure by how much. we also started the week before and all our stats were reset back to zero so we knew had to do it one sitting and some of us were on the xbox one and some on the 360. just thought i'd give people an idea of how long it would take so have plenty of conversation topics or bring a book or watch several movies lol
  • DonietscheDonietsche366,552
    Posted on 12 December 17 at 13:06Permalink
    congrats, that's quite a feat! Also, your friends were great for helping out (for a 8 hour session nonetheless)! Glad that you didn't experience any hiccups on your way to unlocking the achievement(s): no disconnections etc.
  • Posted on 14 December 17 at 07:26Permalink
    yeah i was surprised we had no connection issues as we were in different countries and all. we had some randoms but we just let them win :P of course i still have to help my friends get the achievements still too cause i wouldn't leave them high and dry after what i put them through lol
  • DonietscheDonietsche366,552
    Posted on 14 December 17 at 12:11, Edited on 14 December 17 at 12:13 by DonietschePermalink
    you guys will be busy for a while! I admire your collective willpower.., I threw in the towel after the first fail at doing a single run lol

    Best of luck to your boosting partners, unfortunately luck will necessarily play a role in unlocking those achievements for them (good call for letting randoms win lol that minimizes the risk of them disconnecting!)
  • Posted on 26 December 17 at 08:39Permalink
    we've gotten 2 of us done now and we managed to do it in about 6 and half hours. occasional randoms joining will add to your total time of course but not as bad as 8 hours like our first run through
  • Posted on 26 December 17 at 15:27Permalink
    I just quash boxed this myself. From scratch it will take six hours to complete with no breaks, mistakes, interruptions. I left my boxes on for the whole time.
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