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Information Posted on 20 October 17 at 00:09
Please use this thread to discuss the Prey walkthrough
Posted on 27 January 18 at 14:09
any progress on this? Thanks
Information Posted on 08 February 18 at 20:40
We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
Posted on 25 May 18 at 20:31
I will be looking at this ASAP, I just need to read what the previous writer has done and work out if a complete rewrite is necessary.
Posted on 04 June 18 at 18:50
Posted on 04 June 18 at 20:52
Sorry, my work has kept me busy, as soon as I can get onto this I will. I have got an idea over the layout so it's just a case of playing through and writing it
Posted on 15 June 18 at 09:14
Right sorry for the delay in this one.

I have been looking at the best plan on how to do the achievements, I have started the game today and have began to re-write what was already within the walkthrough as it didn't mention any of the collectibles.

It may take a bit of time to write as there are many things to collect and you have to do things in a fairly specific way to avoid ruining certain achievements but I have 6 days off of work so I'm gonna do as much as I can. dance
Kamerad Leo
Kamerad Leo
Posted on 17 June 18 at 20:40, Edited on 19 June 18 at 23:04 by Kamerad Leo
Looking forward to this guide!
Posted on 23 June 18 at 18:53
Just an update, I am working on this for a couple of hours every other day and is currently the only game I am working on. I have 3 days off next week so will hopefully make a big dent in this.
553,250 553,250 GamerScore
Posted on 24 June 18 at 13:31
Patiently waiting for the guide! Thanks for taking the time to write it.
Posted on 06 July 18 at 19:04
Update - Still progressing this daily, upto around 17k words so far, its a beast of a WT to write! laugh
Posted on 09 July 18 at 21:50
I just got this game. Looks really good
scarlet speed
scarlet speed
Posted on 10 July 18 at 12:35
How far percentage-wise do you think you are? I'm sure it is a pain to get through with so many different paths. Thanks for working on it!
Posted on 10 July 18 at 14:50
I would say I am 30 - 35% done, when I get home I will give the stats regarding collectibles found so far to give you a closer figure.
Posted on 10 July 18 at 19:00
So as far as the collectibles go, which is the largest part of the 1st playthrough this is my current progress:

Food types consumed 28/29
Employees found 117/267
Emails read 101/150 - 190
Transcribes listened to 30/65
Starbender Books 3/6
Dead drops 2/6

I am situated just at the beginning of the Crew Quarters and I am led to believe this area has a lot of collectibles so getting there.

Thanks all for being patient.
Posted on 16 July 18 at 19:48
Update for anyone that is interested.

I've completed the Crew Quarters and Deep Storage and I am now in the Cargo Bay area. As far as collectible progress is going as this is the main cause for the detail in the 1st playthrough:

Food types consumed - Done
Employees found - 184/267
Emails read - 132/150 -190
Transcribes listened to - 50/65
Starbender Books - Done
Dead drops - 5/6

Chipping away at it slowly dance
Posted on 22 July 18 at 10:15
So, I think I am very close to finishing the 1st playthrough as I only have 2 areas left to explore. I have 24 of the 30 achievements I set aside for the 1st playthrough obtained.

Only one collectible achievement is left to knock off and that is to find the Employees, where I am 261/267.

I'm hoping the 2nd playthrough and mop up will be significantly quicker to write headspin
Posted on 23 July 18 at 04:53
Really appreciate your work. Thanks a lot!
Posted on 25 July 18 at 20:42
1st playthrough is completed with no hiccups.

I've started the 2nd playthrough which I hope to blast through quickly as I'm away with work next week and I don't want to delay this unnecessarily.
Posted on 28 July 18 at 19:42
So I've managed to complete this. I have sent it for review, however it is a very large WT, so it may take sometime to get through the review stage. dance
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