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Information Posted on 20 October 17 at 00:31
Please use this thread to discuss the Bulb Boy walkthrough
Information Posted on 08 May 18 at 20:51
We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
Information Posted on 06 August 18 at 23:09
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Bulb Boy Walkthrough
Arran R W
Arran R W
Posted on 16 August 18 at 11:36, Edited on 16 August 18 at 11:38 by Arran R W

Thanks for writing this walkthrough.
Overall, it's very useful, but there's quite a lot of things I've come across that have been missed by the walkthrough (some may be a bit pedantic, and should be obvious to the user of the walkthrough, but as I'm typing this anyway I may as well point them out) These are in chronological order:

1. You need to use the glass shard with the armour before using it to cut off the hand.
2. No arrow appears between the chandelier and your body, you need to press A to rip it out of the ceiling
3. You need to use the ball with the grandpa and dog once before trying to use the stick and egg with the tree
4. I suggest mentioning with the time sensitive achievement, you can just simply change your time-zone if it isn't near midnight, and have a warning in the walkthrough overiew or tips section to inform people that there is a time-sensitive achievement.
5. After cutting the "little string things" in the fridge, you need to click the item that was untied to make the creature pop-out.
6. The "drawer" before the oven is actually a cupboard
7. In the bathroom, the ball-valve is to the upper left of the mirror, not the upper right
8. To make the pipe fall to the floor, you need to survive, by button-mashing, the poo screaming at you 3 times.
9. When you become the dog, it says "Fly to the big hole in the try", this should be tree*
10. The half-life monster death wasn't counted towards the death total
11. After getting killed by the final boss fire attack, to re-enter you need to dodge its attacks by strafing left and right until it calms down and you can push the button again.
12. The poop path death should come before the stomach acid death as once you fall down you can't get back to the poop path.
13. Perhaps there has been a patch of some sort since this walkthrough as I did not have to repeat all these boss sections after each death

Thanks again for the walkthrough and all the best!

Posted on 16 August 18 at 21:39
Man, I made some mistakes.

13 annoys me so much. I did the final boss section right before it was published, and had to start from the beginning after every single death... that's also why I didn't worry about the order of 12 (cuz I had to start from the beginning of the whole fight every time)
~Ya boy Santino Hartford
Arran R W
Arran R W
Posted on 18 August 18 at 09:56
Yeah, I figured that was the case. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been having to restart that whole thing after every death. Especially considering you're trying to die for an achievement and some of those deaths require a lot of progression just to reach them!
Posted on 03 November 18 at 22:18
You can avoid the complicated teeth challenge if you want: method is after respawning pause the game before any teeth descend (must be quick on the last pattern), leave the game paused for 60-90 seconds, when you un-pause the teeth will be still and you can roll past at your leisure.

Also, warn folks that the final boss spitting gets faster as the battle progresses. Unless the boss has just double spit (twice very quick in succession) don’t mash for long. It’s somewhat random but after the double spit seems to be the safest. If messing up means starting over... ick!
Posted on 04 November 18 at 09:58
Man..I don't know what the fK I just played lmfao! But Thanks for the walkthrough! Wish I had looked at these comments prior. Was wondering what I was doing wrong, cause I didn't have to keep start over, but then I got stuck down there after the acids death like stated above. Was beyond annoyed bc I honestly probably wouldn't have gone through this game again for it. But fortunately it popped for me when the boss killed me with his spit lol. Regardless much appreciated! I couldn't imagine going through that teeth bullshit over n over again like you had to. Guess the added check points or something
Posted on 04 November 18 at 15:06
Ok, that's enough confirmation that there are definitely checkpoints. I'll fix that part of the walkthrough.

There were no updates after I wrote it. I'm pretty sure that the game just glitched on me, fml
~Ya boy Santino Hartford
Posted on 08 February 19 at 04:55
When going for the Mother May I achievement I believe the time has to be midnight, it's a small thing but you state when the clock hits 12:00 p.m. which would be noon, it should state 12:00 a.m. Great walkthrough though!
Posted on 10 February 19 at 18:21
Oh, I did. Oops.

Thank you. I will submit that fix immediately
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