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Playtime tracking

  • Peakster1969Peakster1969129,936
    Posted on 24 October 17 at 11:31Permalink
    Hey guys....not sure if this is the right thread. Feel free to move if it isn't :)

    I'm looking for a site that will track your gameplay time, or let you enter I manually.

    I was, and still am on Raptr, but they haven't tracked time in a long time. I generally record (yes its an OCD thing), gameplay time each week, and have it document going back a few years.

    Any idea?

    Cheers in advance :)
  • Posted on 09 February 18 at 03:52Permalink
    I have no idea about it buddy.
  • kekkek102,224
    Posted on 19 February 20 at 08:53Permalink
    this is a very interesting program, I would also like to find it
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