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Assault Android Cactus Announced for Xbox One

  • EurydaceEurydace511,593
  • coinfrenzycoinfrenzy346,500
    Posted on 26 October 17 at 04:53Permalink
    I know my neighbor had this so this should be pretty cool to see on the xbox one x console! IG-@COINFRENZYGAMES
  • Posted on 26 October 17 at 05:43Permalink
    TSS's aren't my favourite, but this does look like a lot of fun. Any idea of price? I assume it's in the region of $20.
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  • K4rn4geK4rn4ge1,719,428
    Posted on 26 October 17 at 10:46Permalink
    Finally! This game has been on Steam for a long time - great twin stick shooter from what I heard but never played it as I was waiting for it to come to Xbox One. Sweet!
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  • zxgreyzxgrey304,882
    Posted on 26 October 17 at 13:19Permalink
    hmm this good idea why not just release every AAA indie title out there start with freedom planet mother russia beat em up & more what the freaking problem here
  • andersgeekandersgeek175,597
    Posted on 27 October 17 at 17:46Permalink
    Nice. I own it on Steam already and love it, although I quite suck at it. Might double dip on the One, it's that good. :)
  • uv1uv1200,243
    Posted on 04 November 17 at 12:49Permalink
    Brought this for PS4 and PC when it was released and I’ll probably get it again.
    Such a good game
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  • coinfrenzycoinfrenzy346,500
    Posted on 05 November 17 at 11:07Permalink
    This post is contains unbalanced formatting tags and cannot be rendered at this time. IG-@COINFRENZYGAMES
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen581,489
    Posted on 13 May 18 at 20:19Permalink
    This game is great and really addictive! I downloaded the trial when it came out last year and wasn't expecting that achievements unlocked in it and one ach did. At the time I was ummming and rrrring whether to get it or not but never did until recently. The S+ ranks seem really hard at first but most levels aren't too bad if you don't mind retrying! THe only really hard levels are 5-4 and 5-5. Some of the other Zone 4 and 5 levels are also quite hard to fully chain but its addictive to keep trying :) Just got 5-5 to go and its pretty hard :(
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