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Quelaag new game +

Posted on 26 October 17 at 06:08
I'm currently stuck on new game + fighting Quelaag. I tried summoning Milfred but the summon is useless because the lava makes milfred get stuck at the fog door. I've tried lightning spears, I've tried a black knight sword, but no matter what I do I either get jumped on or the aoe attack wipes me out in one hit guarding or not. Does anyone have any advice? I was using the quelaag's furysword and then I tried the drake sword and black knight sword. Should I level up a bunch more? (I'm level 90 or so), Should I try on new gear? or should I try to cheese it with the stun lock from shooting arrows at the human body on quelaag.
Living Legends
Posted on 26 October 17 at 07:18
What kind of character are you using? Drake sword is not good. You want a halberd since hitting her on the head stuns her. You want to be on her right side if her torso and avoid most attacks once the aoe or lava move starts winding up toll back twice to be cleared. I also use no armor and a grass crest shiled on my back.

Sorcery and strong miracles are good
Posted on 22 November 17 at 18:01
I used a BLACK knight halabred +5 With Mildred and didn't have much trouble with this one.
Posted on 26 October 18 at 20:32
If you have a high-level Flame or Ascended Flame, use Flash Sweat.
I went with Black Knight Halberd + 5 and summoned Mildred and cast Flash Sweat (at the time with Ascended Pyromancy Flame + 2).

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