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Anyone want to boost the Kill Jason achievement?

Posted on 28 October 17 at 14:56
Looking for people to help me with this achievement as well as others if we can get a group of people together.

gamertag is zigatz

send me a message if you want to join up and boost some achievements in a private game.
Posted on 03 November 17 at 14:27
Iv'e added you my friend. Il be on later in roughly 6 hours time!
Posted on 03 November 18 at 12:25
Yes, please! I really need this achievement 😄
Posted on 06 November 18 at 11:52
I have a session this Saturday if you haven't already joined it.
It's beer time!
Furiously Fast
Posted on 03 December 18 at 09:05
I'm online quite often, usually late Gmt time. On the EU server.
Posted on 08 December 18 at 03:47
Yo i need this to plz someone help me with this
Justin Phillips
Airwreck Slays
Posted on 09 December 18 at 05:06
I'm down to boost these grindy achievements. Send me a message on Xbox so I'll know to add you.
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