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NBA 2K18's Upcoming Patch Detailed

  • punkyliarpunkyliar191,421
  • JappeJappe837,616
    Posted on 04 November 17 at 14:25Permalink
    Damn I would have bought this game and spent a chunk of my lottery jackpot into the virtual currency but they didn't put achievements into the Prelude so I decided not to buy this game. Too bad.
  • Posted on 05 November 17 at 08:43Permalink
    NBA 2K18 is really terrible, I want back Old Town, Rivet City and Sunset Beach.
    The life is hard, if you are tard is hardest!
  • KanemanKaneman182,115
    Posted on 05 November 17 at 19:43Permalink
    Fixed an issue where players were being removed from online MyTEAM games for committing too many fouls when they had only committed a small handful.
    Yes! This was 100% necessary. Even though they should remove it entirely.
  • Posted on 05 November 17 at 21:13Permalink
    Rumor has it that the servers on NBA 2k18 (Xbox 360) don't even work properly right now and a friend tried connecting with people for 2 hours and got no one. Only one person on here has the 10 online wins achievement and I am sure the others have tried also seeing that the game has been out almost 2 months now...
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,413,636
    Posted on 07 November 17 at 02:21Permalink
    lol @ yaz thinking ppl would be playing a far far far far far weaker 360 version of the game, most ppl dont even own one anymore
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