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Looking for boosting team

  • Posted on 13 February 12 at 02:35
    I will be getting my copy of Dark sectors back in the next week or so!

    Looking for five people who wanna boost the online achieves, prob like once or twice a week. during the weekdays,

    Big reason I wanna finish the online; is so if the servers shut down I'm not screwed!! Heard about people stuck with Army of 2

    we'll set sessions up and if people can't make it we'll fill in with other people from T.A. gamers who are actually good boosters can be invited back to cover those who can't make it or drop out.

    post gamer tags and which nights work for you. I'll get back to everyone in a week or so.
    Hope to see some Good Gamers here ready to finish Online Dark Sector
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 February 12 at 22:02
    I'd be interested, but your night would be my sleep time... if we can work something out so that it's my night, or at weekend, i'd be up for it
    [12:24:55] drabik: BWT, I don't have any problems with him, I just question his intelligence
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