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Crippled Rhogar Glitch

Posted on 11 November 17 at 02:07
I have been following the sites walkthrough and got to the part where I can give 30 skulls to the Crippled Rhogar to get the Stance shield. I have him the skulls, he betrayed me and called out the two shielded enemies and the mage so I killed everyone but no items were dropped so I didn't get the shield. I checked my inventory to see if he had given me the shield directly but no, I don't have it at all!

I let myself die and respawn, returned to where he was and I can see his corpse, I can still hear him roaring for some reason, but still no loot. I tried writing out of the game completely, loading it back up and going back to his location and it's the same thing as when I did and respawned, he's there (and yelling) but no other enemies or loot.

I saw some posts on Steam from a few years ago where some players were having this problem but no one posted a solution (if one exists).

Has anyone on here experienced this? If so, did you find a way to fix it? I've had so many problems with the game crashing, lagging, enemies falling through the floor, etc. if there's no fix for this then I'm just going to give up on this game as it has tested my patience too much.
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