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Heads Up if you're thinking about getting this

Posted on 14 November 17 at 14:44
It's not good.

I'm an avid sims player, and an avid xbox gamer so the two together seemed like a no brainer to get the achievements. The list looks like a lot of fun, and it's hard to get me to complain about anything. Unfortunately, the controls are bad, like, real bad. I researched this like crazy before buying and everyone said the controls were kinda weird, but they all seemed sort of positive about it. I'm telling you right now, they.. are.. horrendous.

The mouse cursor has a bizarre acceleration that makes precisely clicking anything a chore, and the snap to buttons thing they have implemented (press a button and the cursor snaps to the buttons you can move to) is finicky, random and disorienting. Then just because i'm being hyper critical here, the UI itself is poor, just at a very basic design level. For example the tooltips on your sims personality obscures the other buttons, not to mention it's extremely cluttered. It's a minor gripe but its basic design 101. You can expect that sort of attention to detail everywhere else.

I notice nobodies really talking about this. I'm not telling you not to buy the game, if you're excited to get the chieves by all means. Just, know.. this is what your in for.
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 14 November 17 at 15:23
Wow... Really?

Thanks, good to know. This is upsetting.
xPut Name Herex
Posted on 14 November 17 at 17:29
It's upsetting, but Maxis has really yet to figure out a pure Sims game on consoles. It might just be too tough of a translation from keyboard and mouse to controller.

Hopefully Xbox gets a K+M update and Sims would support that.
Posted on 14 November 17 at 20:22
That and I Jaycee cant have our needs up at all times I hate having to click it to see what's getting low
Jitters Senpai
Posted on 15 November 17 at 05:43
Sadly I agree. I was incredibly excited to play it on consoles, but the controls are terrible.
Posted on 16 November 17 at 02:15
I do not know if it is possible to sell a stack of items. It makes selling produce from the garden a major hassle.
Posted on 16 November 17 at 22:55
Just to add another name into the hat, I completely agree. I'm a big fan of console and a big fan of Sims, but the controls here are painful. After many hours of playing, you'll get *more* used to them, but some screens have hidden key commands and very non-intuitive controls (left trigger to view collections, for example), and the "click the left stick to see all the controls!" feature doesn't actually show all of the controls.

That, added to various save bugs and system crashes, along with the other issues iVaLe points out, make this game clunky and frustrating at times.
Posted on 16 November 17 at 23:44
Also if u save you have to turn off your controller 🎮 and turn it back on to be able to play agin
Outsider Fenix
Posted on 17 November 17 at 16:31
How did they screw up the controls this bad when Sims 3 was just fine?
Posted on 18 November 17 at 01:07
Outsider Fenix said:
How did they screw up the controls this bad when Sims 3 was just fine?
My guess is that The Sims 3, being a cut down, reduced build of the game had to have a lot of specialized work done and the controls got more TLC because there was a whole new control scheme to build around. Sims 4 looks and feels like a direct port with a control overlay and an Xbox-friendly main menu overlay.

The good part of that is that this game really does feel and act like the PC version of the game, unlike the "Sims 3 Lite" that we got previously. The bad part is that it feels like far less attention was paid to the controls. That's just my guess, of course, but the difference from PC to console for the engine is notably less this time around.

Personally, I've put a lot of hours into it already and I'm enjoying it, but I've had to dashboard a number of times due to save bugs, lost time to screwups, and still have no idea how to do some of the things that would make the game far more playable (like sell a stack - anyone know if that's even possible here?) If you're easily frustrated, I'd give this one a pass until they address some of these issues.
Posted on 18 November 17 at 23:45
The controls aren't bad they're just not a carbon copy of SIMs 3.

I expect things might be difficult if you're coming from playing SIMS 3 and jump into this expecting it to be the same.

I loved SIMS 3 but haven't played it in a while so I wasn't expecting the SIMs 4 controls to work in a pre-conceived way.

The controls take a bit of getting used to but for all the complex things you have to do they work pretty good. They're just not what you're used to and for the size of the game... it's not such a big ask to get your head around them.

I was really worried about this but I'm pleased to see it's not the "bare bone: buy the base game and we'll sell you the actual content one piece at a time-fest" I thought it was going to be.

There are 3 neighborhood locations you can start from and there's a lot of content here.

At first you might think you're restricted in your movements, where you can go and what you can do but you're not. Play and you'll find your way to the park, the clubs, the gyms, work and the rest.

I like the attention to detail. My sim has a reflection in mirrors and there's a lot of detail contained in the actions and tasks they perform.

If you're going to be up in arms about anything it should be the Day 1 DLC that costs more than the game you just bought.

EA are masters of getting people to pay for their games twice and with SIMS 4 they'll do this through the add-ons on offer.

Now to give them a bit of credit the game is big, detailed, entertaining with lots to do besides trying to get the female character you created to kiss the first girl she meets in game.

Friends of mine who have it on PC say that "City Living" and "Vampires" are both excellent expansions which both include new areas.

EA have been careful to package them outrageously expensive by themselves so you're best option is to buy them along with a "dumb clothes" bundle.

Really great game but the experience is soured from the beginning with the overpriced DLC.

The controls aren't bad. They're just different and complex. With time you'll become as familiar with these are you were with any of the previous incarnations.
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