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Shooting Yourself in the Foot: The EA Access Problem

Posted on 19 November 17 at 11:16
Could EA Access soon undergo changes to save it from itself?

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Posted on 19 November 17 at 11:53
Good article. EA and other publishers deserve criticism for microtransactions but gamers need to stop buying them and say no to pay to win
Posted on 19 November 17 at 11:54
Much as EA are probably making a fair slice still from these problematic games, I do agree that the easiest fix for them is to simply get rid of trials.

Microtransactions causing controversy? Rip them out of the game. Studios having trouble delivering product? Annihilate them. Customers cancelling pre-orders? Take the button away for a bit.

EA have a very ridiculous, black-and-white approach to damage control. Frankly I'm surprised they haven't disabled trials already.

Great analysis Mark.
VGM 007
VGM 007
Posted on 19 November 17 at 11:54
These are all good points and it does make you wonder how they can be comfortable letting broken games and/or half assed efforts get out to the actual gaming public before any media reviews.

I'm actually a big fan of EA Access & have a good portion of the vault downloaded, but I really can't figure out how it's a successful venture. It is very cheap for a year sub, compared to XBL or PS+, and really has no downsides. I could understand a rotating selection of games, which would entice people to buy the games they enjoy at members discount price, but a lot of people are wise to the situation & will wait out a game till it gets to the vault. Hell, some vault games are still getting active content releases, so it isn't even a case of EA throwing out years old games with a minimal player base.

The only thing I can think of is that it's an attempt at good PR, to show how they're a company for the gamers and maybe if you get a vault game, you'll be inclined to buy some dlc and/or microtransactions for the vault stuff.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 11:55
If they'd stop putting out broken games filled with corporate greed they probably wouldn't be getting all this negative press in the first place. It's rare that I buy a game brand new these days anyway so thankfully I benefit from reviews, videos and player comments before deciding if I pick a title up, usually once it's been discounted. Some people will buy new regardless and be disappointed with their decision but other gamers who don't rush in head first, regardless of whether EA reduce their trial period or not, should still benefit from being slightly cautious. Sadly there have been a lot of underwhelming games over the last couple of years which has changed my approach to buying games, especially those from EA. I'm not saying people shouldn't buy new games, but waiting a couple of days or weeks can often go a long way to help you avoid some of these disappointing purchases.

But then again, with EA Access there is no need to buy any of their games new if you don't mind waiting 6 to 9 months as they'll end up in the Vault anyway, which I see as another shot in the foot for them. If they keep putting out bad games people will just wait to pay the low monthly cost of Access ahead of 50 or 60 quid at release.
Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
Posted on 19 November 17 at 12:09
I use to have a mate who was basically addicted to buying microtransactions/loot crates for all his games. On smite he spent about +£500 for a free game shock he was 100% going to pummel his wages into battlefront 2 just to get the edge on people. Guys like him ruin it for us all cry
Friggin Grease
Posted on 19 November 17 at 12:22
They've been doing this in NHL for years...
Posted on 19 November 17 at 12:35
Pretty good article, thank you for putting it together. I cannot really recall when was the last time I bought an EA game on launch. Oh yes I do. It was Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition. Taught me to never ever pre-order a game and read/watch reviews first.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 12:59, Edited on 19 November 17 at 13:02 by CarlosMaestre85
I really don't know what to think. EA clearly doesn't have a 'for the gamers' policy, it is more of a 'for the investors' policy. On the other hand, EA owns great franchises licenses (its own creations, some acquired and those licensed like Star Wars and other movies and series brands), and some are pretty good or had the potential to be more.

The only games my brother and I bought from EA this generation were Unravel and Dragon Age Inquisition, and we are still considering buying ME:Andromeda.

The potential wasted with franchises, like SW... I think we haven't seen a truly good SW game since Rogue Leader II: Rogue Squadron (ok, maybe Rebel Strike, without the on foot sections). SWBF was such a disappointment - multiplayer only with dry creativity to death scenarios. It's SW, a huge universe, take us to new places, faces, and stories.

About Mass Effect, its derailing - should we blame it on EA? Was it EA's fault what happened to ME3? Or maybe would naturally lose steam under a creativity free Bioware?
E J Wizard
E J Wizard
Posted on 19 November 17 at 13:01
Great article.
I've been slowly learning my lesson about pre-orders. I have been burned a few times and I don't repeat those mistakes... (Buying Titanfall and getting it "free" not long after as part of EA Access. The absolute screw job of Destiny on Xbox. Learned well enough, I did not buy Destiny 2 or Titalfall 2.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 13:17
Game demos have been around for years and it is not just EA Access that offers trials. A good demo can help sell a new IP so we don't drown in a sea of sequels and remassacres
Darth Knight
Darth Knight
Posted on 19 November 17 at 13:28
I'm part of the problem for buying FIFA every year, maybe they use mind control on me. I also payed full price for Andromeda... What is wrong with me.
Beep Boop
Wumbo Woody
Wumbo Woody
Posted on 19 November 17 at 13:37
They just know they can do stupid shit and people will still buy their games and a majority will keep coming back. This was just a little higher up on the fuck up list and they had to do something about it
Posted on 19 November 17 at 13:39
In regards to Payback, "a bevy of in-game purchases teasing players to take shortcuts," is a stretch. I'm all for hitting it for the other points, which were fair, but the game doesn't tease you to try and buy its microtransactions or remind you they're there or anything like other EA games. It doesn't force you to pay extra money to unlock certain cars or really give you roadblocks that railroad you towards pulling out your credit card. You get vanity items and an amount of cash equivalent to replaying a couple races for 5-10 minutes.

Microtransactions aren't ever going away, we shouldn't be trying to fight a losing battle of 'take them away forever!'. Hitting Battlefront is fair given how dramatically they framed the game towards "Buy this box and get an advantage over the other players!", but Payback's microtransaction is fine.
Dragonborn Gear
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:04
4500+ hours? No thanks. That's two years of hardcore gaming. I feel like multiplayer games deserve maybe 50-500 hours depending on quality (and how long it takes to get all of the achievements wink). I put in 100 total hours into the last Star Wars Battlefront game, so good luck getting me to play 4500. I would like to be able to add at least SOME quantity to my "quality." 4500 hours would seem to be reserved for long-term MMORPG's.
Strategy One
Strategy One
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:10
Omg, EA needs to just give up microtransactions, im tired of hearing this bullshit
a Fi1thy Casual
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:18
There's no doubt that Disney has been pressuring EA to straighten this matter out.

Disney did not spend billions for the rights for Star Wars IP's just to have EA kill the franchise. How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the Disney bigwig gave EA a call - I am guessing several people at EA needed to get a change of pants after the discussion...

A Star Wars gaming site, SWTORStrategies.com, calculated that it would take players $2,100 or, if you're opposed to spending even a penny on the game past its retail price, 4,528 hours of multiplayer to unlock everything in the game.
And that right there is going to either kill EA, or kill the gaming industry. Pay-To-Win has always been a terrible idea in every one of it's iterations.
Fully loaded, safety off. This here is a recipe for unpleasantness.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:31
You call your girlfriend your partner...lol. We all know who wears the pants in that relationship. Anyways, screw EA.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:49
Wouldn’t be surprised if they drop the preview service for the reasons provided in the article but if I was part of EA I would take a different approach. I would take this challenge and opportunity to make an actual good game, see how many more copies you can sell because of the preview program and look at all the results before making this decision.
Posted on 19 November 17 at 14:49
So it's good try a game with ea access and don't buy it if it sucks, even if you like it don't buy you'll get it free with access six months later. No reason to rage at ea as all you've to do is buy subscription for 25$ a year to play all those games, which is a fair price even if a whole year of release from them sucks. If you can't wait and have to throw your money at a game cause it has star wars written on it, yeah you're part of the problem.
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