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Headlights for night races?

UA Ridge Reaper
Posted on 22 November 17 at 15:00
Are there no headlights for the races that are at night, such as the 24 Les Mans? I've been racing for 30 minutes purposely driving behind one car because I don't have any headlights and I've hit every button on the controller but nothing. Someone was saying the dpad but that doesn't do anything other than mess with the HUD.
Posted on 22 November 17 at 15:54
Headlights is Up on the D-Pad by default. Have you changed the controller configuration for any reason? Or are your lights smashed? They won't work if they're broken.
The Globalizer
Posted on 21 April 19 at 17:54
Pit and it will repair your headlights if broken headlights is the problem.
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